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It is combination of a series of work done by various writers including sorghum wine, sorghum funeral, dog ways and strange deaths which were all serialized in 1986 to produce the red sorghum in Chinese territory.
The novel is about three Shandong family generations existing…
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Red sorghum Novel It is combination of a series of work done by various including sorghum wine, sorghum funeral, dog ways and strange deaths which were all serialized in 1986 to produce the red sorghum in Chinese territory.
The novel is about three Shandong family generations existing between 1923 and 1976. The family struggles were one of the main things highlighted. The narrator shows how he survived during his hard moments tobecome the person he later was. They were distillery people who prepared sorghum wine which they sell to enable them acquire what they needed.
During the second Sino-Japanese war, the Shandong family fought this battle as resisting group. This is another aspect highlighted by the narrator.
Disputes among political power houses and rival gangs are also highlighted by the speaker. This is a community just like any other and there were interest from rival groups as to who were superior so as to gain control of the community.
Cultural Revolution and resumption of Chinese and Japanese relation is heavily highlighted in the red sorghum novel. This was an attempt by their leaders to get the two groups together and leave harmoniously.
The speaker uses a style written in first person characterized by briefness without any chronological order of events. The story was aimed at bringing people together after long fought battles which many people lost their lives and it came up with strategy of getting food, water, life among other basic things harmoniously (Moet all 90).
Accidental death of an anarchist
Is a paly of Italian culture which is based on real life occurrence between an Italian rail road worker and anarchist Giuseppe pinelli who died after he was thrown at a police station in Milan police station after he had been accused of bombing a bank but he was later cleared of any wrong doing
Unlike the red sorghum novel which is based on true story, this is fictional work created by the author. It starts with a police inspector interrogating a suspect in the first floor who was smarter and the officer could not find anything from him. A judge was brought and meeting scheduled in the fourth floor of the same building, with a journalist probing the incident in attendance. The play ends where the journalist leaves the room and maniac later escapes (Fo et al 2002 356).
The two instances were among the leading drama in the world. Though the later were fictional occurrences, it was well done by the author and the play was later performed in various countries across the world. The former is work based on true story and it also attracts success wherever the novel was sold.
Mo, Yan, and Howard Goldblatt. Red Sorghum: A Novel of China. New York: Penguin Books, 1994. Internet resource.
Fo, Dario, and Simon Nye. Accidental Death of an Anarchist. London: Methuen Publishing Ltd, 2002. Print. Read More
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Hamlet and Death Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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