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They are being promised of good salaries only to work at long hours up to 100 hours per week without day offs for months at horrible working…
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Battered Women
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Battered women article: Desperate lives of women domestic workers exposed to appalling exploitation, physical violence and sexual abuse in Qatar Thearticle is about the plight of women migrant domestic workers in Qatar which are exploited and sexually abused by their employers. They are being promised of good salaries only to work at long hours up to 100 hours per week without day offs for months at horrible working condition. This is reported amid the bid of Qatar to host the World Cup.
The article may not have obviously taken a stance but it however subtly argued for the case of women that were abused by exposing in public the abuses that these women underwent. It assumed the position of Amnesty International which is an international agency for protecting human rights. The article also exposed the injustice of the Qatari Law against women. Under the Qatari Law, domestic workers are not protected from working long hours. The kafala system is also being subtly criticized because it prevents migrant workers from leaving their job or the country without their employer’s permission which made them subject for abuse.
The audience of the article is the general public as well as Qatari authorities to address the issues of women migrant workers in their country. The purpose of the article is to advocate for the reform of the Kafala system that would allow protection for domestic women workers.
The article is also convincing because it was not based on opinion but rather on hard facts such as the official record of 84,000 women migrant workers subjected to kafala system with many being abused. It also cited the call and report of amnesty International, a highly reputed international organization that protects human rights, for Qatari authorities to remedy.
This article is effective because its publication is timed at circumstance where Qatari officials are being sensitive about their world image being the host of World Cup. They do not want to embarrass themselves before the world stage and issues like this are likely to be addressed which made the article effective.
Klein, N. (2014, April 23). Desperate lives of women domestic workers exposed to appalling exploitation, physical violence and sexual abuse in Qatar. Mail Online. Retrieved April 25, 2014, from Read More
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