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“Sex education can be defined as education related to birth control, abstinence, reproductive rights, emotional relations, reproductive health, sexual activity, sexual reproduction, and sexual anatomy. The issue of sex education in schools has been attracting numerous debates…
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8 Week Forum Excerpt “Sex education can be defined as education related to birth control, abstinence, reproductiverights, emotional relations, reproductive health, sexual activity, sexual reproduction, and sexual anatomy. The issue of sex education in schools has been attracting numerous debates in the recent times. In some societies, sex education is regarded as a taboo. Critics of sex education argue that it encourages children to engage in pre-marital sex. Sex education should be taught in school as it prevents teenage pregnancy and STDs.
Most girls in high school level get pregnant due of lack of information. In many societies, teenage pregnancy is a social problem. Most girls drop out of school due to pregnancies. Research shows that over 45% of teenagers in grade 9 to 12 engage in sex. Teen pregnancies are associated with low birth weight, premature labour and anaemia among other complications. In some societies, teenage pregnancy results to social stigma. Teenage girls get pregnant due to lack of knowledge about contraceptives and other safety measures. Sex education turns young people into sexually knowledgeable and responsible individuals (Stevens).
STDs are illnesses, which are contracted through sexual activities. They can be contracted through oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal intercourse. In the USA, over 15 million cases are reported annually. Most teenagers are vulnerable to STDs due to lack of information. Some of the common STDs include herpes, syphilis, scabies, gonorrhoea, hepatitis B, HIV, and Chlamydia among others. These diseases can lead to an ectopic pregnancy and death if left untreated. Sex education is more likely to reduce the cases of STDs among young adults and teenagers. Research shows that societies with extensive sex education tend to record low cases of STDs among the young people. In sex education, teenagers are taught about dangerous of engaging in unprotected sex and other unsafe sexual practices. Teenagers need to access sex education in order to make healthy, loving, and intelligent decisions in their lives (Cotney).”
The excerpt above is one of my greatest accomplishments in class. This is because I managed to incorporate all the skills I have learnt in class in writing an essay. First, in the first paragraph, I managed to focus on introducing my topics. This played a significant role in capturing the attention of the reader as well as stating the issue to be addressed in the body of the essay. Moreover, I managed to highlight the issues raised by dissenting voices on the topic. On the other hand, I managed to incorporate the thesis statement on the last sentence of the paragraph. The subsequent paragraphs also demonstrate the skills I have learned. Each paragraph starts with an essay statement and hence I managed to accomplish one of the key skills in writing the body of an essay. Moreover, each contains explanation of topic sentence with some examples. This is followed by support with facts based on various researches. This has helped in persuading the audience and making my assertion credible. Read More
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8 Week Forum Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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