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Restaurant manager follows GM while 1st Assistant Manager follows restaurant manager; shift running manager also follows restaurant manager. The 1st Assistant Manager supervises 2nd assistant manager. Floor…
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Download file to see previous pages In case of McDonalds’ regular operation General Manager is controlling assistant and staffs who are mainly focusing on selling different products and offering services to customers. In case of McDonalds’ decision makings are done in a decentralized manner.
McDonalds’ has divided its organization structure into three geographic locations. Those are 1) USA, 2) Europe and 3) Asia pacific, Middle East and Africa. Chief operating officers of those three regions directly reports to the CEO for all company related operations. Company’s geographical organization structure has three main hierarchies for operating globally. This organization structure is very simple and well designed.
The main products of the McDonalds’ are hamburgers, chicken sandwiches of different types, French fries, breakfast items, desserts and soft drinks. In some markets McDonalds’ also sales vegetarian dishes and salads. It also sales some seasonal foods like McRib. Company is also offering soup in Asian market. It has given lots of importance to the local food. Company has done great localization of their menu. They also maintained local food taboos in different countries like India and Indonesia. McDonalds’ also sells beer in Germany and in various Western parts of Europe.
McDonalds’ also provides different services to its customers like free Wi- Fi. Customers can access the Internet facilities by using their mobile phones and laptops without any charges. More than 11,000 restaurants have this super service around the world. The McDonalds’ is having a prepaid card service. It is named as Arch Card. This card helps customers for quick and convenient way of payment at McDonalds’. Customers can buy from any McDonalds’ restaurant with the help of this card (Molch, 2009, p. 182). Company is providing services in terms of giving space for child parties. These services are provided in limited locations.
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