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     In the article, “Keys to Building Effective Communication in the Workplace” by Billie Nordmeyer, Nordmeyer quotes Herta Murphy, Herbt Hildebrandt and Jane Thomas, the authors of “Effective Business Communications”  (Nordmeyer 2014). They state "that there are…
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Respond to classmate
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Article Review by Michelle Figueroa - Wednesday, January 15, 8:29 PM        In the article, “Keys to Building Effective Communication in the Workplace” by Billie Nordmeyer, Nordmeyer quotes Herta Murphy, Herbt Hildebrandt and Jane Thomas, the authors of “Effective Business Communications”  (Nordmeyer 2014). They state "that there are seven C’s that will ensure employees will be better communicators" (Nordmeyer 2014). The seven C’s are; completeness, conciseness, consideration, clarity, concreteness, courteous, and correctness. When it comes to completeness there are six questions to be answered, who, what, when, where, why and how. Next to be considered is conciseness. When communicating, be sure you are not beating around the bush. Be direct and to the point while communicating. Following conciseness is consideration. Be aware who needs the information and consider all those who need to know. When considering your communication you need to be concrete and use specific facts and figures along with clarity so those you are communicating with will have no possible confusion. Lastly, Courteous and correctness go hand in hand. As a communicator you should be courteous of the listener and uses correct language and also in messaging use correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and accurate facts and figures. Using these seven C’s can guide and promote effective communication in the workplace.
     In my workplace, communication is a must. As a Title one paraprofessional, I am working with several teachers to help those struggling students to improve in reading, writing, and arithmetic. If I was given the students and teachers did not consider what the students’ needs were I would not know what to teach them. It is my job to collaborate with each grade to better the students time and help them progress. It is also courteous on the teacher’s part to keep us in the loop so we can be correct and concise in who needs extra help. Without proper communication, I would fail in helping those students to progress and learn. Communication is essential in every aspect.
Nordmeyer, Billie. Keys to Building Effective Communication in the Workplace. Retrieved from
Re: Article Review
by Brandi Barnes - Thursday, January 16, 2014, 10:38 AM
I agree with the seven Cs presented in this article and wondered if they talked about delivery methods too?  There are times it is difficult to deliver all the information in a concise manner if there are a lot of details to be discussed.  About a week ago I was trying to explain a situation at work that needed to fixed to my supervisor.  His office was busy and the problem did not have any easy answer.  After explaining to him all the facets of the problem he asked me to go type everything up and email it to him.  I learned in the future if there are a lot of details that need to be discussed and you cannot make your statement concise, a better way of communication may be a written statement.  Then I could report that the situation has many details that have been written out in an email he can read through later.  
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Re: Article Review
by Marinelle Dutton - Saturday, January 18, 2014, 6:16 PM
I really enjoyed reading your response and believe the seven C’s for effective communication is accurate and on point.  Your first point about “beating around the bush” happens often in a research laboratory filled with highly skilled scientists and engineers-- and it can be very annoying; especially when there are time constraints.  I work with approximately 50 engineers and they really enjoy explaining their situation from the very beginning to the very end.  Sometimes, it’s interesting to listen to but sometimes, I waste a great amount of my time listening to a long, drawn out story, just to find out that a task wasn’t completed.  As a listener, I lose interest quickly and I find myself distracted and annoyed.  Consideration is important and I have been guilty of not relaying very important information to people who need to know and they sometimes are upset that they missed vital information so consideration is important.  Correctness is definitely worth mentioning because there is nothing worse than reading an email with spelling and grammatical errors or listening to a speaker who uses improper grammar.  Courtesy makes communication easier and courtesy should be exercised at all times because it creates a positive and open environment.  I enjoyed your post and agree 100% with the seven Cs for effective communication. Thank you for your article. 
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Re: Article Review
by Mohammed Alyami - Sunday, January 19, 2014, 9:52 AM
I liked studying about seven Cs. I agree with the point that we need to be direct to the point while communicating, Communication should always be concise and clear. Courteous and correctness must be included in the conversations. I think a conversation should be focused on making the listener understand what needs to be understood and nothing else. 
Re: Article Review
This article bears very enlightening information. Many are the times that communicators fail to consider the seven ‘C’s. They use some and ignore some. I understand that there is need to apply all of them in communication but not selectively. A common thing I note in many conversations is that the communicators fail to recognize the needs of the listeners. They are fully committed to their won interest while ignoring the needs of the listeners. I agree that that not knowing the needs of the listeners may lead to failure in addressing the issues that affect the listeners-one may not know how to relate with them. Also, applying the seven C’s will help in ensuring the process of the people especially in learning scenarios. This post is on point and addresses some of the issues in communication that are commonly ignored. It would be very ideal to see communicators apply the insight you have provided in their communication endeavors. Read More
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Respond to Classmate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 3.
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