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Symptoms vary from one person to another. Insanity may show itself through guilt, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, faulty judgment, psychopathic behavior, nervousness or close association with evil…
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Shakespeare Hamlet
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Download file to see previous pages Through the characterization of Hamlet, Shakespeare is able to investigate and illustrate the nature of insanity in its various forms.
In the play Hamlet, Shakespeare portrays the character of Hamlet in a way that supports both the idea that Hamlet is insane and that Hamlet is not mad. In so doing, the author explores the duality of the single human brain, whereby the person shows the due ability of being both mentally unstable and mentally stable all at the same time. This is displayed by Hamlet as being probably very divergent in nature and complex to comprehend in Shakespeare’s understanding of insanity. Readers view Hamlet as a man of reflection rather than a man of action.
The notion that Hamlet is not insane is supported by the proposal that he only exhibits insanity so that he can say and behave in the manner he wants and get away with it. In the play by Shakespeare, Hamlet is able to rebuke the marriage of his mother and uncle without getting in trouble. He has for a long time snow had a sneaky suspicion that his uncle could have indeed killed his father to inherit throne and marry his mother. In fact, he calls Polonius a tedious fool and a fishmonger but he walks scot-free. By faking insanity, Hamlet is not only able to get away with whatever he utters, but he is also able to act in cruel manner towards Ophelia. Ophelia, his girlfriend is in fact convinced beyond doubt that Hamlet has gone crazy. Hamlet is scolded by Gertrude for upsetting his uncle but Hamlet is able to evade the situation by letting his insanity as he conducts an investigation on what could have actually happened to his father. However, Hamlets ability to think and speak in a logical way shows that he is not really insane as portrayed throughout the play.
Hamlet is as rational as everyone else when he is around his friend Horatio. In various instances throughout the play, Hamlet shows his trust in Horatio. Moreover, Hamlet acts irrationally and speaks out his opinions about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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