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Human behavior and mental processes are bases on ‘stimulus-response’ model and thus it is always part of modern marketing aspects to attract customers. Advertisers and Marketing…
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Download file to see previous pages Similarly shapes tend to impact mind in informative way (Ciotti par 1-5). The Icons used by Microsoft represents freedom and four colored blocks in the icon tell about aspects and range of products in which freedom is claimed. The information shared from an Icon design is easy to remember. The products aim at fulfilling consumer demands created by market dynamics. They are changed in order to have greater audience and fixate consumers with product characteristics.
History of Icon creation is old and dates back to the Greek era. Churches, Citadels and certain Buildings wore Icons to make people feel their imposing presence. Today Icons are created and re-launched in different ways to convey variety of messages; there are fonts, shapes, abstract images or even simple lines to represent ideas, groups and consortium etc. For example some icons are colorless like that of Apple, Mercedes and certain news channels. They actually convey neutrality, balance or a message of calmness. Toblerone, one of the finest chocolate companies from Bern, Switzerland has a hidden silhouette in its Icon. A bear in mountain illustration conveys the product to be originally from Bern, The City of Bears. Icon used by Baskin Robbins flashes a figure of 31 whenever seen or reminded of. Similarly an arrow that forms a smiley under has a tail on ‘A’ and head on letter ‘Z’. It conveys availability of almost everything one needs (Ad par 4-8). These icons convey in variety of ways and are helpful in marketing of products and services.
With time some icons lose their attraction or magnetism in the face of human psychological process of habituation. People stop paying attention and sometime more attractive and imposing icons surface as competitors with better marketing stunt. Microsoft can be cited as an example. The internet explorer in Microsoft operating system is not being used by most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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