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Though this is not something that one would typically consider and really think about, we do use touch, smell, hearing, and seeing. The sense of taste can be used though in this case, it would be used…
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5 senses
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23 April The Five Senses When it comes to washing your hair, you can use most of the five senses. Though this is not something that one would typically consider and really think about, we do use touch, smell, hearing, and seeing. The sense of taste can be used though in this case, it would be used indirectly and in this case can be explained why. A smell of a shampoo might send a trigger. If it is a fruity smell, it might make your mouth water. That is how our sense of taste is indirectly affected. If we were to be without any of these senses that we often take for granted, something as simple as washing your hair would be a different kind of experience.
When you wash your hair using touch, you can feel the shampoo on your hands. You can feel the warm water running down through your hair. You can feel the running of your fingers through your hair as you massage the lathered up shampoo in your hair.
When you use the sense of smell while washing your hair, you can smell the aroma of the shampoo. Whether it be fruity or a subtle lavender smell, your nose will pick up on the scent and send signals to the brain telling you what that smell is. It is a nice clean smell and every product that you use on your hair whether it be shampoo, conditioner, detangler or some other kind, will have some sort of scent.
When using the sense of hearing, we can hear a lot of different sounds. When washing the hair, you can hear the shampoo as it squirts into your hand as you squeeze the bottle. You can hear the water trickle down through your hair as it hits the floor of the shower or bath tub.
As for the sense of sight, you can see the shampoo or conditioner when you are washing your hair. You see the steam rising up in the shower or bath tub. You can see everything around you and only when you get that shampoo in your eye and you try to rub it out, is your sense of sight kind of blurry.
There are several ways that the senses can be used when washing your hair. When we take in what exactly we are feeling and being mindful of using our senses, only then do we get the full experience. Sometimes life is just too busy to recognize what it is our senses are doing but we do know that they are at work or otherwise we would not even know we were having our hair washed. Read More
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