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How-To Documentation - Essay Example

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Therefore, it is important that students and professionals are well versed with how to prepare and present excellent public speeches. However, for starters, there is a wide base of knowledge found in…
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How-To Documentation
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Extract of sample "How-To Documentation"

Download file to see previous pages The first source is an article titled “Preparing and Delivering Speeches.” This article addresses in great length, how one can prepare their speech presentation, and ensure that they meet their objective. The authors of the article have identified important areas that an individual should focus on when preparing their speech presentation. First is the topic of the speech, which they consider should be considerate of the audience. The speech itself is a second area that should be of interest. The authors of the article have outlined steps that can help one to develop a speech that is easy to comprehend. Practising for the speech has also been addressed, and this could be through timing one’s speech, using notecards, and working on the language before presentation. The final area is presentation. Here, the authors explain how to start and end the presentation in the most appropriate manner (Segrin and Clackamass Web).
The second article is a YouTube video that was prepared by the GradProSkills, a skills training program of the Concordia University. This involves an instructor offering tips on how to prepare adequately for public speaking. The speakers emphasize that public speaking is a skill that should be nurtured. However, before presentation, of importance is for one to practice how they will deliver the speech. This is mainly through voice warm ups, in order to train on one’s emotional tone, the speed at which one speaks, and the number of words spoken per minute, which in this case should be at around 150. Preparing for a speech, according to the instructor in this video also involves practising for breathing tones and pitch (Concordia University Web).
The third article is published in the Forbes, and emphasizes only one way of ensuring that one is ready to present their speech. This, according to the author of the article is practice. After writing the speech, one should engage in extensive practice, in order to perfect their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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