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A critique of Waiting for Superman - Movie Review Example

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The release date for the documentary was on 2010 (Guggenheim). The director of the documentary is Davis Guggenheim (Guggenheim). The actors are Charles Adam, Charles Adams, and…
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A critique of movie Waiting for Superman
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Download file to see previous pages The film focuses on five children and their families (Dutro 1). These are suggested to represent the burgeoning number of children that want to be saved from the devastating public school system. The families of the children are depicted as struggling in an effort to have their children attain college education as well as accomplishing the American dream (Dutro 1). As a result, the family members engage in the lottery process. The film employs first hand interview with the children and families (Guggenheim). There is also reliance on statistics, interviews with expert, animations, and clips from the media. A critique of the movie waiting for the super man helps in understanding various issues being addressed concerning education.
The film has achieved one of the vital components that are expected of the author. This has been author good credibility. This is an essential component in any film for its success and accreditation. The credibility of the author Davis Guggenheim is the reason why the film has attracted attention as compared to other films discussing the same issue (Ravitch 1). The other films taking on education such as ‘The Lottery’ and ‘The Cartel’ have received little attention so far (Ravitch 1). The reputation of the author is seen as being the holder of an Academy Award. The author won the ward due to his film about global warming ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ (Ravitch 1). His credibility is also seen as the film is discussed in popular media such as Time and New York. The film has also featured in popular shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show (Ravitch 1). This is a clear indication that the author is credible and hence has excellent credentials.
The author of the film relies significantly on various support to support the ideas of poor education system. This has been evident through interviews, images, cartoons, clips from popular media and speech by key figures in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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