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Tell a story of significance to your family. Tell it in scene - Essay Example

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Moreover, thanks to the United States, my family’s future generations can have a beautiful life too. It was very difficult to leave Cuba,…
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Tell a story of significance to your family. Tell it in scene
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"Tell a story of significance to your family. Tell it in scene"

Download file to see previous pages My grandfather chose to go with Batista, Cuba’s former president; he collaborated with the US and became an American spy. This way, he gained an asylum in America together with his family when things turned sour back in Cuba. I can still remember that day; it was a chilly Thursday in 1961. Grandpa woke everyone up unusually early, urging us to get ready as we were relocating to a safer place. When all of us were ready, I heard a rumbling sound outside our house. ‘Grandpa, what is that? Why are we dressed up?’ I had a thousand more questions to ask him. He leaned on his knee, took my arms in his and said’ my dear, do not worry. That is an American helicopter that will take us to our new home.’ The thought of flying in a helicopter calmed down my fears and uncertainties.
From the helicopter, I could see the beautiful world below. My younger brother missed all this, as he was fast asleep in my grandpa’s laps. Within a short time, we landed in Miami international airport. I marveled at its size and beauty. A van already packed there was waiting to take us to our home. Everyone was excited and tired at the same time. We settled in Little Havana, which is renowned for its large population of immigrants initially Jewish, but currently hosts many Cubans. Little Havana occupies the western side of the great Miami. I loved it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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