Downloading movies, music, and software illegally: is there a plus side for the creators of the pirated media - Research Paper Example

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For instance, Oberholzer and Strumpf declare that individual creators of pirated media affect the economic growth of states, as there is a…
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Downloading movies, music, and software illegally: is there a plus side for the creators of the pirated media
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"Downloading movies, music, and software illegally: is there a plus side for the creators of the pirated media"

Download file to see previous pages There is also the impact of pirated media to both the creators and the society. Additionally, this paper brings out some of the reasons why individuals opt to be creators of pirated media. Further, the article illustrates several actions that pirated media creators ought to undertake to impede further corruption of the entertainment sector. Opinionatedly, there is a plus side for the creators of pirated media.
Pirated media refer to the illegal duplication of materials depicting important information as brought out in the original documentation. Pirated media creators are individuals dealing with illicit copying of first hand information and distributing it to the populace with the aim of earning a living. Reproducing documents are in a way moral, even though there is a degree of illegality in it. The works of pirated media encompass downloading of music, videos, and technological software of use when installing various programs on electronic devices. Most of the individuals bring out diverse motives of the entertainment sector and move ahead to download information for sale to the public. Individuals should aim at legalizing pirated media through modifying internet data, as it is an income generating activity aiding cultural growth (Lessig 67).
It is vital to indicate that the makers of pirated media obtain some benefits because of a number of reasons. For instance, such individuals are able to get cash sales, which helps them in meeting up their daily needs (like purchasing basic needs). Secondly, according to Lessig (64), piracy inventors keep on learning new techniques of enhancing the wellbeing of persons, as they pass on the information to willing individuals through setting some charges. Thirdly, reproduction of entertainment materials is a source of income since it creates job opportunities. In addition, it (illegal copying) helps individuals move upwards, raising their standard of living. Moreover, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Downloading Movies, Music, and Software Illegally: Is There a Plus Research Paper”, n.d.
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