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Why Eveline should stay - Essay Example

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The writer wrote many things that make the reader confused when they read it. For example, he wrote about Eveline that she should stay or leave the city but it the end he did not give us the right…
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Why Eveline should stay
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Download file to see previous pages Her past has not been very good, but there is fear on trying a new route in life because it will leave her father vulnerable because he is aged. The life after the death of the mother is worse because she is expected to undertake all the duties that the mom did. Her example portrays the challenge women underwent in the early twentieth century Dublin. The question was on whether to remain rooted to the domestic life or accept the new lease that can be achieved through eloping. Even though some people believe that Eveline should leave the city, I will argue that she should stay because of some reasons such as: she is young, she is not sure if she loves Frank and her promise to her mother and her old father.
The first reason which helps her deciding to stay in her city is because she is young at that time. If Eveline decides to leave the city, she will find everything is new in the new city. As a result, she needs to reschedule her duties to adapt with the new city. Of course, because she is young and her mother is dead, she will find difficulty things with her life to skip these problems. The author says that” Even now, though she was over nineteen, she sometimes felt herself in danger of her father’ violence” (Page 202). So she tries to find someone who helps her with that. The best option for Eveline is to leave with her fiancé and start a new life far from Dublin. From the past experience, fear rules the judgment done by Eveline. Also, she is young so she needs to take much responsibly of her life. But is it difficult to take care of yourself if you are young. When she hears the street organ played on the night before the mom’s death, she resolves to stick to the routine and not try to change from it. Such restriction based on the past makes acceptance of change hard.
The second reason which leads a hand her to stay not leave is because she is not sure if she loves Frank. In fact, the major challenge of the Eveline is overcoming fear and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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