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How surroundings effect people - Essay Example

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This interaction ends up having an influence on out thinking, perception and general overview about life. The environment in which a person stays has a great…
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How surroundings effect people
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Download file to see previous pages The setting of the story is along an Ecuadorian river where Dillard is staying alongside some Americans and guides from Ecuador. In the second book; “Our Animal rights by ” Anna Quindlen, the writer is writing to express dissatisfaction about people having entered the animal habit and displacing them, just to find settlement and a place to live. The issue here is does it mean that people should always displace animals from their original habitat whenever they increase in number?
According to the two pieces of art, I think that people should always learn to adapt to the surrounding that prevail in their environment. There should be peaceful co-existence between animals and people. Both parties can be of mutual help if the relationship between them is well understood and taken good care of.
Dillard tries to persuade people to believe that the jungle can offer best opportunities for exploration. The jungle has a lot of adventures that people can enjoy as they take adventure, he points that every year, there are many toddlers that are eaten by the mighty and powerful anacondas but that alone doesn’t make the jungle a place not good for human survival.
When people live in the environment, they are able to devise ways of peacefully co-existing with animals. The main point of attention is the attractiveness within the forest. We have a 430 pound fish trapped from the river water. This is just an example of how adventures and economical living in the jungle can be.
The reader employs a rather emotional appeal just to let the readers understand that living in the jungle if not life threatening. With reference to the Napo River, she says it is a ““bowl of sweet air, a basin of greenness, and of grace, and, it would seem, of peace” (Braw 3) this kind of description is meant to show the reader that the river is kind of a something huge, wide and enormous lined with beautiful green trees. This is actually a description that would ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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