Should the DREAM Actor legislation like itbe passed - Essay Example

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However, we ignore and assume that there are just like any other student; with an affordable fee structure and lots of…
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Should the DREAM Actor legislation like itbe passed
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The Dream Act We The Dream Act We see them every day, helping their parents in grocery shops and, busy studying in libraries or somewhere on the campus’ field reading a novel. However, we ignore and assume that there are just like any other student; with an affordable fee structure and lots of opportunities. However, only they know what they have to go through for them to attend lectures and go to the library or even have half the opportunities that American citizens have. Great amounts of tuition fees and being denies scholarships and financial aid.
Personally, I think the Dream Act should be passed. Every day, immigrants in the United States feel alienated from the society. It may start at an early age or during the teenage year after enrollment to advanced educational institutions. This prevents them from taking part in activities that benefit the society. Immigrants are also denied opportunities which may help build them morally and psychologically. In most cases, immigrants are the best performers in educational institutions. However, they have to go through many hardships so as to afford to pay for their education and also to secure a job in the job market. In turn, this denies them the chances to benefit the society economically.
For undocumented children, securing a place in schools and other educational institutions is hard enough. If the manage to enroll to a school, another problem arises in paying their school fees. Sometimes, they may even have to take breaks so as to work. In the worst case scenarios, they even end up dropping out of school completely. However, this is not even half the challenges that they have to go through in their day-to-day lives. For a child to develop psychologically, he/she needs to have a sense of belonging either to a community, a state or a certain social group. Undocumented children are denied this opportunity by being denied certain privileges such as social security numbers and ID cards. This prevents them from taking part in social activities and having fun like other documented teenagers.
One of the reasons and explanations, as to why I think the dream act should be passed is because it recognizes undocumented children. The Dream Act gives undocumented children the chance to participate in economic activities and also further their education. As stated previously, many undocumented children are good performers in their studies. However, they end up dropping out of school due to lack of school fees. For example, “The ‘Invisibles’”, an article written by Doulas McGray, states “In 2004, under AB 540, 719 students got enrolled. However, less than 100 of the enrolled students were undocumented.” This implies that many undocumented children are denied the chance to enroll to college. On top of that, the small number of immigrant students who manage to graduate end up securing low income-earning jobs. The Dream act provides incentives for students to further their education.
Implementing the Dream Act will help immigrants get equal chances in colleges and other educational institutions. In turn, given the chance to further their education, immigrants will be able to secure high income earning jobs. By giving immigrants a chance to secure high income-earning jobs, this will help increase the general economic productivity of immigrants and the country according to the dream Act Debate, passing the dream act will increase the general income of the country through the addition of tax.
Passing the Dream Act is beneficial in very many ways. It provides equal opportunities to immigrant. This will help to improve immigrants psychologically for it gives them the opportunity and privilege to engage in activities which they could not have engaged in before. It also provides them with opportunities to further their education. In turn, this helps them secure better jobs and, increase the country’s revenue. Read More
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