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This work widely contributes and specifically contributes to and informs my current topic of choice (Smoking). Much as there is a call to quit smoking,…
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Lecturer: Review and Reflection A review and reflection on this unit’s work creates awareness on several issues that are very practical in everyday life. This work widely contributes and specifically contributes to and informs my current topic of choice (Smoking). Much as there is a call to quit smoking, every reference material starts all the way from the effects of smoking, to oneself and the environment. It gives specific details on cigarette chemical contents, the effects on the body, other side effects of smoking (like diseases) and the eventual effect on the entire body. The work therefore highly informs my current topic choice by nature of ability to dig deep into the echelons of a particular knowledge area and unearth as much information as possible. The desire to pursue this investigation therefore rests on the fact that this is a topic with wide knowledge and also interesting to follow.
The unit also informs much on the research questions initially created very widely. In essence, there was knowledge of coming up with open ended questions that never gave an in-depth knowledge of information about a particular topic. The initial research questions were set widely but at this final stage, answers are coming up. The work also informs the initial research questions by virtue of the ability to categorize them into specified sections for a specified search for answers. The initial questions were wide but at this stage, there is a specified concentration on ways used to quit smoking.
There are several issues that hope to be achieved during my time with this topic. From the information so far achieved, there is a lot of information of personal importance that has been realized. By learning about the in-depth questioning, there has been a revelation of the in-depth effects of smoking. It also outlines how the addiction is created through the content chemicals in the cigarette. Moreover, the knowledge goes on to extrapolate the collection of diseases that the body would be susceptible to. This is caused by the more than 4700 chemical compounds in the cigarette. In avoiding a cigarette, personal life would be highly enhanced. Moreover, this does not stop there. There are excessive effects to the environment and the people around. Avoiding this situation, by virtue of the in-depth analysis created in the topic, the health of other people would also be enhanced.
The content, specificity, depth and level of personal investment in this topic have turned out to be different from earlier topics. If a comparison is to be drawn with the ‘Dream Analysis’, there is found to be absolute practicality to life in this topic than dreaming. The content is practical. This is because talking about the health of a person is talking about a day to day encounter. This would be different from dreaming where things, issues and situations are particularly fictitious. The specificity created in this topic is that of majoring on quitting smoking. It is not a general topic as all references would only reflect a cause of action for a given observation in an individual. As opposed to the career development in the dream analysis for instance, where there was a collection of unfathomable number of degrees for an individual, the personal investment here is just health.
It is therefore worth noting that this work reflects and informs a wide collection of academic and personal issues in a wide but specific way. This is as a result of the knowledge on analysis that has been acquired over the lessons. Read More
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