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Short Story(You can make a new topic for this depend on your thought) - Essay Example

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In Zora Neale Hurston’s “Sweat”, the author focused on the challenges faced by the main character, Delia Jones, through her apparently abusive…
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Short Story(You can make a new topic for this essay depend on your thought)
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"Short Story(You can make a new topic for this depend on your thought)"

Download file to see previous pages The protagonist and main character, Delia, was depicted as a strong; yet submissive wife to Sykes. As a wash-woman, she was apparently perceived as the income earner and one who had tediously saved to pay for the house. The title of the story, sweat, seemed to be manifested and symbolized through Delia’s hard work and persistence in struggling to fight the challenges in life; particularly enduring the ridicule and abuse from her husband. At the onset, it was clearly disclosed that Sykes intentionally made fun of Delia to the point of scaring her out of her wits. Likewise, Delia was openly criticized by Sykes for her being skinny; likewise, her hands and limbs were aptly described, to wit: “knotty, muscled limbs… harsh knuckly hands” (Hurston 3). As a result of her physical appearance, submissive and meek nature, Delia was verbally and physically threatened by Sykes. She also knew that her husband has been unfaithful to her and the whole town knew about Bertha, Sykes other woman.
The antagonist, Sykes, was pictured as an abusive, philandering, and insensitive husband. He knew that Delia was mostly scared of snakes. As such, he deliberately shoved a bull whip at Delia at the beginning of the story to ignite her fear. In addition, he was noted to be critical of Delia’s consistent practice of affirming her belief through attending regular Sunday services. He was noted to say that “You aint nothing but a hypocrite. One of them amen corner
Sabbath” (Hurston 2). As such, it could be deduced that he did not believe in taking part of becoming affiliated with the Christian faith. Eventually, Sykes’ behavior of antagonism and wanting to bring in fear and destruction was manifested when he brought in a rattlesnake in their home. The behavior and action of Sykes indicated that his desire was to instill fear, hatred, anger, and intense negative emotions on Delia. His actual intention for bringing in the snake was to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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