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An individual who is well educated and has a secure job may for example say that the job security is all he ever wanted and having it makes him…
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How do you live the good life
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How do you live the good life? Definition of a good life is a controversial issue because of its wide scope and diversity in people’s rationale and preferences. An individual who is well educated and has a secure job may for example say that the job security is all he ever wanted and having it makes him happy. A teenager who goes out with friends and enjoy the freedom to share with peers can similarly perceive happiness in the experience and claim to be leading a good life. Similarly, a drug addict may perceive to be living a good life because of the derived pleasure from stimulating effects of drugs while such addiction may have adverse health effects on the person. These cases identify the problem in definition of a good life because people often confuse temporary happiness and material things with the meaning of a good life. I hereby offer a perception of how to live a good life.
The term good refers to anything that is desirable or can be qualified under specific standards, or a moral occurrence, definitions that are general and relative. I however define the term from a psychological perspective that takes care of the relativism and diversity. An act that yields more benefits that harm offers a net good while one with less benefit as compared to adverse effects would not be a good act. Living a good life therefore means engaging in activities that generate net good to a person’s life. This type of life however emanates from social ties that not only minimizes a person’s bad experiences, but also overlooks such experiences and supports the person towards a positive state. Such ties are found from a person’s family, loved ones, and are more valuable than money (Takingcharge 1).
Having social ties that are based on love such as special moments with family members or a lover is the best way to live a good life. The ties may be manifested through social trips, shared meals, joint discussions, or even quiet moments but they still form a person’s unforgettable experiences in life. While the ties have no adverse effects on a person’s life, they offer a number of benefits that defines a good life (Takingcharge 1).
Social ties lead to a person’s longer lifespan because of their effects that ensures an individual’s high quality of life. Reduced level of stress and ability to manage stress due to social support can be a factor. People with strong social ties also have lower chances of contracting cardio vascular diseases such as heart failure and high blood pressure. Similarly, strong social relationships boosts functionality of a person’s hormones and immune system, leading to optimal biological conditions and the body’s ability to fight diseases and infections (Takingcharge 1).
Developing strong social relationships and spending time in the relationships is therefore the best way to live a good life that is healthy. This is because the resultant life offers many long-term benefits to an individual but has no adverse effects. It therefore identifies net good to life.
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