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Preventing childhood obesity - Essay Example

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This imparts the need to take objective measures to prevent childhood obesity. This paper briefly discusses the causes and effects of childhood obesity followed by a…
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Preventing childhood obesity
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"Preventing childhood obesity"

Download file to see previous pages “Factors associated with increased risk for overweight or obesity in infancy and early childhood include excessive maternal weight gain or smoking during gestation, shorter-than-recommended duration of breast-feeding, and suboptimal amounts of sleep during infancy” (Wojcicki and Heyman).
Effects of obesity on children are numerous, and for the most part, negative. Obesity makes children sluggish and intervenes in their healthy physical development. It lowers children’s self-esteem. In addition to that, obesity is also one of the main causes of such diseases and health conditions in children as high blood pressure and diabetes that are conventionally associated with adults particularly in the old age.
(Kimbro and Rigby) studied the effects of the federal food policy on the obesity in children, and found that food assistance is likely to cause childhood obesity particularly in the cities where the prices of foods are high. They also found that subsidized meals offered to the children at the day care centers or in the schools help them maintain the right weight because of which, there is need to expand the poor children’s access to subsidized meals. The US government is taking serious steps to combat the epidemic of childhood obesity. One of the campaigns that have been started in the recent years is the “Let’s Move” campaign by Michelle Obama that is directed at revamping the food products’ nutritional labeling to empower the consumers and especially the parents, improving the National School Lunch Program’s nutritional value, improving the access of all communities in the US to the high-quality foods, and increasing the physical activity for children. This way, this campaign combats childhood obesity by making a holistic effort. “By directly emphasizing the potential risks for lifetime obesity that present in infancy and early childhood and providing the structure and direction for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Preventing Childhood Obesity
...?Running head: Preventing Childhood Obesity Insert         Insert Grade Insert 17 January Outline Introduction Preventing childhood obesity The built environment Benefits of preventing childhood obesity Conclusion Childhood Obesity Introduction Children love to indulge in fast foods and mostly spend their time watching television or playing video games, as a result obesity in children has become a health problem, which needs to be prevented. Child obesity is therefore a health problem that needs...
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.... [Accessed on 20/02/09]  7. British Medical Association (BMA). (2007). ‘Concise Guide to Medicines and Drugs’. Dorling Kindersley. London. Great Britain. 8. British Medical Association (1995). ‘Complete Family Health Encyclopaedia’. Dorling Kindersley Limited. London 9. Budd, GM., Hayman, L.L., Faan., RN. (2006). ‘Childhood Obesity: Determinants, Prevention, and Treatment’. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. (21). 6, p 437 – 441 [Accessed 20/10/09] 10. Carrel, AL., Randall Clark, R., Peterson, S. E., Nemeth, B.A., Sullivan, J., B. Allen, D. (2005). ‘Improvement of Fitness, Body Composition, and Insulin Sensitivity in Overweight Children in a School-Based Exercise Program’. Archives...
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...obesity on young children but also the ways they can use to deal with this health problem. The statistics will also be there to reveal how many parents actually have awareness of this health issue. Parent involvement in their children’s physical activities and nutritional habits at home and at school will be the main focal point of the research. Literature Review Sources. Some sources that will be helpful in the research are: Parizkova, J., & Hills, A. (2005). Childhood Obesity: Prevention and Treatment (2nd ed.). Florida, FL: CRC Press. (This book will make the researcher know some of the core developmental aspects of obesity and their influences on...
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...children developing obesity is higher that of active children. Statistics supporting this indicate that obese children are 65% less active on weekends and 35% less active on school days compared to children who are not obese (CDC, 2011). This claim is also supported by results of experiments meant to assess the efficiency of diet control in controlling childhood obesity. Some of them failed to reduce the amount of body fat among the participants. This is therefore an indication that a pure diet control is less effective in preventing or controlling childhood obesity. It is for these reasons that I will...
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...highlighted obese girls who have achieved better grades. Some psychologists have argued that there is the presence of other factors that lead to low grades in schools. The obese girls may have had other issues rather than health complications that led to their poor performance. PODCAST: Childhood Obesity The podcast has included discussions on the rising cases of obesity in the United States and their cause of health threats to the population (Gardner, 2010). The main presenter is Doctor Grossman who claims that parents should adopt the right programs to help their obese children. However, the doctor has used bogus claims on the...
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