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However, thanks to Cornell University research that found that increasing the amount time spent in gym reduces the probability of obesity.
The research…
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Probability in Healthcare
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Can gym reduce obesity probability? Affiliation Can Gym reduce Obesity Probability? In past and contemporary literature, little is known about the impacts of Physical education of weight (especially children). However, thanks to Cornell University research that found that increasing the amount time spent in gym reduces the probability of obesity.
The research offered support for recommendations of organizations such as Institute of Medicine, Centers for Disease control and American Academy of pediatrics all of whom are advocating for increased amount of time allocated to elementary school children in gym classes (Gittelsohn & Kumar, 2007).
Treating variation for time spent on Physical Education is evident that it offers health benefits to elementary schooling going children. The experiment was done to 300 elementary school going children from different schools. The probability of P.E reducing obese was 0.8. This was considered a positive significance and the probability was close to one. Thus, it was depicted that Physical education plays a significant role in reducing the rate of obesity among children.
The researchers also identified a gender difference: additional Physical education reduces weight three times more than to girls of the same age. The explanation behind these results is that PE among other physical activities is complements for boy child (Increased PE makes boys to be more active), but substitutes for girls. The researcher further stated that the challenge was to ensure more girls take part in physical activities in order to reduce their obese rates. Thus, elementary schools should consider adding more time to Physical education classes to increases the probability of curbing obesity amongst school going children.
Gittelsohn, J., & Kumar, M. B. (2007). Preventing childhood obesity and diabetes: is it time to move out of the school?. Pediatric Diabetes, 8(s9), 55-69. Read More
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