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STONEHENGE - Essay Example

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Stonehenge is arguably one of the oldest, most mysterious monuments in the world, as well as one that has generated a myriad controversies since it was discovered. Possibly the most famous henge in the world, this structure, that dwarfs everything else around it, inspires awe in…
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Download file to see previous pages... As Lord Byron succinctly remarked in his poem Don Juan “The Druid’s groves are gone so much the better, Stonehenge has not but what the devil is it?” (Byron, Canto 11) Although many theories exist about who built it, and the purpose for which it was built; latest archeological research points to its being built by the Britons of the Stone Age. However, given that the time frame for building the monument is so long, it was probably built in stages by different peoples, some of whom may have migrated from other areas. The builders of Stonehenge too, may have evolved from hunters and gatherers to farmers and tradesmen. It seems to be have been a highly sophisticated society, and the purpose of Stonehenge too would have evolved, from purely a burial site to include healing, using it to predict seasons, as well as for religious rites and ceremonies.
A megalith which literally means large stone slabs, was a conspicuous form of expression among people of the Neolithic age. Stonehenge is a Megalithic monument, different from other such monuments due to the unique trilithons towering over the landscape and visible for miles around the area. A henge is a monument built in a circular area, of stone or wooden pillars surrounded by a ditch and ostensibly used for religious rituals. Stonehenge is situated on the Salisbury plain in Wiltshire, England. An engineering marvel of pre-historic times, Stonehenge is a tribute to the ingenuity, labor and determination of the people who built it. Stonehenge consists of layers of stone circles and horseshoe patterns. Extensive archeological research has ascertained that Stonehenge was built in three stages between 3100 and 2500 BC. “We know from modern scientific dating methods that the prehistoric people who lived in Southern Britain before 3000 BC began construction, by building a small earth circle called a henge, with a bank, surrounded by a ditch. Different phases of the monument were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Protecting and Managing the Stonchenge: Challenges and Prospects
Protecting and Managing the Stonehenge: Challenges and Prospects Introduction The two most remarkable, historically awe-inspiring ancient pillars in Britain are Stonehenge and Avebury. Stonehenge is a deeply cherished and excessively visited heritage site in the province of Wiltshire, England.
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Stonehenge: Neolithic Ritual Art in Astrological Alignment Time, Nature & Being
Stonehenge acts as a monument that bridges the macrocosm, represented through the duality of heaven/cosmos and the underworld/afterlife, with the microcosm, as represented by the body and minds of the people who worshipped there traditionally on earth.
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History - The Palaeolithic Period, Barbarians, Stonehenge
The Paleolithic period was much simpler in technology and culture – humans consisted of small bands wandering, collecting food and hunting. In the Neolithic period a slew of new inventions and innovations, the least of them being the cultivation of food (351), allowed humans to lived in greater population densities, and form the first villages and small towns.
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Why does Stonehenge continue to capture the imagination
Why does Stonehenge continue to capture the imagination? One of the oldest megalithic sites, which were built about 4,000 years ago, is still a site of bewilderment and amazement for people around the world. Stonehenge is a mysterious, pre-historic circle made up of upright stones situate in the South of England.
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History of architecture global cultures
The monument’s outer circle has 17 colossal upright stones made of hard sandstone referred to as sarsen. Some of the paired upright stones have a lintel at the top. The Stonehenge circle has a diameter of approximately 30 meters and a height of 5 meters.
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Earth Sciences
Since, like many subjects, astronomy has its roots in such cultures archaeoastronomy helps the present generation of scholars spotlight the rudimentary stages of astronomy - the study of celestial objects. It does so by the careful study of the great monuments and other ceremonial constructions of ancient cultures that were often associated with astronomical findings of that age.
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It is a relatively small structure - comprised of 162 blocks total, and measuring not more than 35 paces across - but it has held a prominent place in archaeological and astronomical research interests for hundreds of years. Many questions about its history have been answered, and yet so many more remain.
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Analysis of Stone Henge
One of the most famous stone creations made during the Neolithic period is Stonehenge, the megalithic stone circles located on Salisbury Plain just outside of Amesbury in England, but there are numerous constructions of this type scattered through England and Europe.
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He’ll go to the site with me on Friday night. If the ancient text I found in that auction box is accurate, then we’ll be making history by Monday morning. Look, that’s what we’re going to find out. I agree with you, okay. It is probably just junk,
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What Do Artists Do
As the report declares artists create places for some human objective. For instance, Stonehenge was maybe created as a place where a community would assemble for ceremonies. Vietnam Veterans was created by Maya Lin as a place for meditation and commemoration. The Vietnam War is one of our most painful memories.
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