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However, they did not attain these statuses easily. There is always a price of freedom. A lot of struggle, pain, time and lives have been paid as its cost…
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Download file to see previous pages However, the definition of freedom varies from culture to culture depending on different traditions, religions and family restrictions but the best is defined by Europeans. According to them a person is allowed to do anything unless or until it starts affecting any other’s person.
Though we believe now that everyone is born free but it cost people quite heavy to attain it in history. In the Civil War, thousands of people were murdered. Black people had an argument that they were being treated unfairly in the country, they struggled for their rights and freedom. For instance, in a bus if all the seats are filled and a white person get into the bus, the black person who is already sitting has to give his seat to him. This took them very long and the issue got a vibe after a lady Rosa Parks stood against. History is full of heroes and veterans who fought for the freedom. Men and Women struggled for their peaceful lives when they had a choice of living freely or to be scared all their life (The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights). Freedom is a precious thing and its importance can be asked from those who are still struggling from it like people in Palestine, Kashmir or Syria.
Discrimination among cultures, races, religions and countries have been very vibrant in the history. Later on, developed societies made a policy for the protection of minorities, women or any group who has been affected by discrimination in the history. People argue differently for this policy. Some are against it while others are quite happy about the policy.
Those who believe that this policy is essential for the individuals to live in prosperity argue that world is a global village and no one can discriminate any other person on any basis. Everyone has the right to live whether he belongs to a specific society or not. In this scenario, affirmative action works as a shield for such people. It creates diversity in a society and brings in new ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Debate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 4.
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