Issues of Higher Education - Who Will Pay For It - Research Paper Example

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This research will analyze the amount federal and state government funds Higher Education Loans Board in order to enable students’ access the loans. The characteristics of loan defaulters among students will be examined in the research. This research remains important since…
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Issues of Higher Education - Who Will Pay For It
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Download file to see previous pages There is a greater distinction among Whites, Africans, Americans and Hispanics on matter of degree than kind. The research also examined the level of financial aid that increased the discount to tuition that has diverse affect to the tuition increase.
As Americans emerges from the last decade’s recession, the higher education system together with economic as well as social sector needs boosting in order to exploit our human and physical education. As recovery commences, the financial aid has improved life of many Americans, with those at the top benefitting a lot. Moreover, gap between those who access the financial aid and those who do not continue to grow.
Public investment on higher education has operated for up to three decades in order to eliminate economic barriers and to persist in college. Additionally, the financial aid towards educational opportunity has had massive growth from $558 Million in 1963 to a flabbergasting $43 Billion in 1993-94. Federal financial aid to various college students has increasingly awarded in the form of public subsidized loans.
Lutz (2012) have estimated that loan defaulters rose by 58% during the 80s, whereas defaulters claims also grew by about 1300%, thereby covering over a fraction of a fifth total amount to fund the program (Lutz, 2012). In that case Americans, federal government loan program entitles all students a loan with interest lower than market rates with an option flexible repayment.
Furthermore, loans are given to students with no consideration on either income earnings, option of institution attended, or course pursued by students. Student’s loans mainly address the important goal on strategic administration by ensuring access to affordable and accountable to higher education and adults are much better prepared for employment and future learning.
Like any issue of national importance, there ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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