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Turpin is depicted a devoted Christian who often exclaims Lord’s name in all circumstances; however, she does not portray Christian teachings in her life especially in her encounter with May Grace. Many discrepancies are reflected on…
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Revelation by Flannery OConnor
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Revelation by Flannery OConnor From the short story, "Revelation", Mrs. Turpin is depicted a devoted Christian who often exclaims Lord’s name in all circumstances; however, she does not portray Christian teachings in her life especially in her encounter with May Grace. Many discrepancies are reflected on Mrs. Turpin supposed life and the real Mrs. Turpin. The every first occasion where she contradicts her Christian teachings of equality is where she divides people according to their social class from others. For instance, Mrs. Turpin starts her conversation with women she deems worth, judging from the appearance. Additionally, the Christian nature of Mrs. Turpin expects her to be a caring people, but real Mrs. Turpin is someone who cares only for herself. To this extent, she is expected to show some concern to Mary Grace due to her health condition. On the contrary, the real Mrs. Turpin shows a high degree of inconsistency with her Christian faith. This is well illustrated when she asks Mary what she thought she was. Moreover, through Mary, Mrs. Turpin is reflected a naturally self-absorbed person. Instead of showing some concern on the health condition of the girl, Mrs. Turpin only recognizes the attitude and actions of Mary Grace towards her.
The first turning point is when Mary Grace challenges Mrs. Turpin’s ability to communicate with God or God’s message and asks her to go to hell. At this point, Mrs. Turpin shouts the name of Jesus; Mary’s eyes got violent. As the conversation continued, Mary Grace began to lose patience with Mrs. Turpin and her mother. She suddenly slams her book shut and looked at Mrs. Turpin violently. Mary Grace’s eye is compared to an unnatural light that is lights night road signs. The comparison of road signs in the night is a reflection the ability of Mary Grace to send some guiding revelation message to Mrs. Turpin. At this time, Mrs. Turpin how it is useless to help people like the white trash woman. Her mind ransacks of this issue, Mary’s eyes are still glued at her, and they reflected some agency of some actions lingering in her mind. Immediately, Mary’s eyes stopped rolling and focused on Mrs. Turpin. They were now much brighter than before. Mary Grace’s eyes are just compared with a tightly closed door that has opened to admit air and light. Nonetheless, the openness described in Mary Grace’s eyes allows Mrs. Turpin to realize that there was a need for relation. This encounter and Mary’s action and reaction to Mrs. Turpin are a turning point in Mrs. Turpin’s life since it goes contrary to her expectation and expectation of other Christian beliefs.
The second turning point is vividly presented when Mrs. Turpin get into her farm. At this point, Mrs. Turpin accepts her problems and ponders on the way to address them. She questions God about what is happening to her and she gets much pain as she reflects on her encounter with Mary Grace. As she questions God, much happens to her as she moves to hogs, the yellow sun moved too fast and reached them before she could get there. It may be interpreted that the sun was God who tried to reveal to Mrs. Turpin her errors before it was too late.
The vision came to Mrs. Turpin in which a streak of light ascended to the sky from earth. In her vision, a horde of people advanced from the earth to heaven. In front of this array, Mrs. Turpin show people she disregarded and those whom she regarded came last in the queue. The people below Mrs. Turpin’s social ladder and those who were less fortunate such as Mary Grace seem to be in front. Below the procession were people like Claude and her. Therefore, the vision is realization reveals to Mrs. Turpin that she should change her ways of life. Moreover, she should treat everyone equally since that is how it is in the eyes of God. Read More
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