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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Revelation Flannery O’Connor’s short story, Revelation, is part of a collection of her short stories referred to as Everything That Rises Must Converge, published in 1965. O’Connor, who was quite a devout Roman Catholic, compiled the collection in the course of her battle with lupus…
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Download file to see previous pages The comprehension of Flannery O’Connor’s battle with lupus, as well as her belief in Roman Catholic ideologies, adds to the appreciation of her writing. This paper will use the biographical theory to critique O’Connor’s short story Revelation. O’Connor’s background influenced her writing of Revelation. The plot centers on O’Connor’s experiences and thoughts, for instance, a notable inspiration of her story is her Southern upbringing. In her lifetime, Southerners were prejudicial towards people on account of their races and lifestyles. Southerners believed that people less fortunate than them were inferior to them, thereby, labeling people as different things. Southerners offered O’Connor necessary images to construct the characters, for instance, in Revelation, character identification occurs on the basis of their physical features and race. For example, Mrs. Turpin makes racially prejudicial statements referring to characters such as a classy woman as “well-dressed and pleasant”, a teenager as “ugly”, a poor woman as “white trash” and her black workers as “niggers”. The characteristics that Mrs. Turpin uses to label characters exemplify O’Connor’s Southern lifestyle. ...
However, the most substantial influence on Revelation is O’Connor’s religion. Religion is one of the most prominent themes of the story. O’Connor’s Catholic heritage is the main influencer of this theme. Similar to other authors, O’Connor appears fascinated by the subject of the actuality of sin, as well as its effects on humans. Through the story, O’Connor demonstrates reality and personal qualities as determinants of people’s destiny and fate, which ultimately uncovers social truths. This background, a plausible plot, convincing characterization and viable literary devices, enable O’Connor to develop themes such as religion and the essence appreciating people for their deeds rather than exterior. In order to develop these themes, O’Connor establishes a credible plot using social conflict, an unhappy ending and the element of surprise. Revelation has both minor and serious social conflicts, for instance; the minor conflict is essentially between Mrs. Turpin and the woman dubbed white-trash. This conflict emanates from Mrs. Turpin’s belief that she is of a superior socioeconomic rank than the other woman. The story’s serious conflict is between the teenage girl and Mrs. Turpin, which accelerates in the story, particularly through Mrs. Turpin’s facial expressions and rude gestures and remarks towards the teenager. For instance, Mrs. Turpin considers the teenager’s face as the “ugliest face she has ever seen anyone make” (O’Connor 394). In order to develop the story’s themes further, O’Connor uses clear motivation, plausibility and unswerving behavior to fortify the story’s convincing characterizations. Mrs. Turpin is always curious and observant of those around and victimizes other characters. Mrs. Turpin gains her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Revelation the doctor’s office. Certainly God did not think Ms. Turpin was an old warthog when he blessed her with so much. Then out of nowhere Mrs. Turpin was given the answer too why God-had centers that message earlier that day. Mrs. Turpin saw a light and “a vast horde of souls were rumbling toward heaven” (97). In among the hordes of souls were all the people below her going first into heaven. These people were clean, and had nice clothes on, and they looked like her. This revelation relates to the quote because the quote symbolizes that everything will be the same in heaven. There will be no classes. There will be no white trash, middle-class, and rich people in heaven. Everyone will be the same, everyone will be one race,...
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Through her interactions with other characters in the room, the real character of Mrs. Turpin is well brought out, and consequently, the central theme of the story is advanced. Mrs. Turpin is a self-opinionated woman who believes to be superior and of a higher social class. The experiences of life cause her to reflect on her life, and correct the errors of the past, and finally realize that she isn’t as righteous as initially thought. While at the doctor’s office, the attitudes and characteristics of Mrs. Turpin are clearly brought out. First, Turpin is portrayed to be a judgmental individual with a negative perception of others. For example, while at the waiting room, she looked at the boy and the old woman and &ldquo...
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