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The author states that researchers conducting international comparative studies are faced with a challenge of analyzing these factors with a view to establishing the extent of the effect on educational attainment across countries or within countries. …
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Meaning of Multicultural Literature
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Task Essentially, there has been an inordinate amount of discussion among educators about the meaning of multicultural literature. Itis imperative to note that, no accord has been so far reached. The element of multicultural literature seems to have taken on a life of its own. This implies diverse things to different people. (David & Disney, 13) defines multiculturalism as communities containing multiple cultures. (David & Disney, 13) asserts that this term has two aspects namely normative and descriptive. As a descriptive term, purely refers to cultural diversity and as a normative term, it refers to the ideologies that advance diversity or its institutionalization. It is observable that, language is the principal factor in enhancing multiculturalism. (David & Disney, 13) argues that rethinking of multicultural education is an attempt to reclaim education as part of a larger and more serious struggle for social justice and a common language is imperative in this course.
On the other hand, (Heyneman & Loxley, 14) argues that, for individuals to attain the highest level of education, they must breach the element of multicultural and economical tandem. This is because the education and teaching sector at large bring in people of diverse ideologies, cultural and economic backgrounds (Heyneman & Loxley, 14) asserts that, the study of explaining the differences in educational attainment must attest to the factors such as student gender, ability attitude towards school and education at large and the general behaviour. Both Heyneman and Cannon attest to the fact that, the impact of attitudes on achievement is comparative. For instance, students with a more positive attitude towards education and learning perform better compared to those with negative attitudes towards learning, similarly student from better economic backgrounds tend to perform better (David & Disney, 13).
It is significant to note that, (Heyneman & Loxley, 15) believe that researchers conducting international comparative studies are faced with a challenge of analyzing these factors with a view to establish the extent of the effect on educational attainment across countries or within countries. For efficiency purposes, a comparative study should be directed at developing separate models that allow examination of how the diverse factors in the diverse countries influence attainment in each of these countries (Heyneman & Loxley, 1982)
Heyneman Stephen & Loxley William. Influences on academic performance across highland low-income countries: A re-analysis of IEA data. Sociology of Education, (1982). 55, 13−21. Print
David Beer & Disney Cannon. Multiculturalism and the canon of American culture. Social justice (2006). 5, 15-17.Print Read More
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Meaning of Multicultural Literature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 77.
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