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This essay follows through about the problems in the cafeteria of which many of our employees are complaining about. The author did personal research through a survey and validated it with his own observation found out that indeed these complaints have a basis…
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The Problems in the Cafeteria: Quality of Food and Service
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This is the second most complaint issue that the quality of our cafeteria's food is poor. 80 percent of our employee's complaint of burned food, salty, greasy and stale foods. Along with the dirty cafeteria and its bad food also comes bad service. 76 percent of our employees are complaining of story and unfairly cafeteria workers; that tables were not cleaned off and that cashiers slap change on trays just to give you a few examples. Gleaning from this data, we really need to rehabilitate our cafeteria the soonest time possible. This issue has already grown to a magnitude as the most pressing issue that could demotivate our employees. I don’t think that the complaints are isolated because we have 98, 80 and 75 percent complaints on cleanliness, quality of food and service and these figures are very conclusive. I did a surprise ocular visit on our cafeteria and it really is horrible as many of our employees are complaining. For me, it is already a given that the current administration of our criteria is no longer effective. They may be undermotivated or understaff but the bottom line is, despite this lingering complaints, they are still not doing about it. If we are going to add more staff with the same attitude, I don’t think that they will improve. In addition, focusing too much on this is taking away valuable executive time. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not downplaying the importance of our cafeteria, it is just I do not think that we should continue with the present set up. My suggestion is, to renovate the place and hire several third-party vendors who could provide cleanliness, service and quality food at affordable price. To keep them in check, we will have several vendors so that there will be competition among them. One of the major reason perhaps why our cafeteria turned this way is because it has a monopoly among our employees that it no longer cares about its product and service because there is no competition. We will only add several people to maintain the general area in addition to the conditions that we will require from our vendors regarding cleanliness, quality of food and service. This way we can ensure that we provide quality food and service to our employees in a very clean environment at an affordable price. Read More
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