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The blue hotel (may vary by , plz give one if better) - Essay Example

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The owner of the hotel, Scully, brings in some guests. One of them is The Swede; one is The Easterner; and, the third one is The Cowboy. Out of these three,…
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The blue hotel (may vary by essay, plz give one if better)
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"The blue hotel (may vary by , plz give one if better)"

Download file to see previous pages Then, he leaves the hotel, and meets a gambler. He gets into a fight with the gambler, and gets killed. Back there, the men at the hotel are wondering if they have also played some part in The Swede’s death. This paper criticizes two important quotations from the story, which I will connect to how I see humankind, and how I view the world.
First, I will go into the detail of the quotation, “Every sin is a result of collaboration” (Crane). Crane has talked about collaboration in a sense that the characters of the story are interacting with each other. They talk to each other, and get into fights, due to which they hurt and kill each other. This is how sin is produced. However, I think that here, collaboration means that the society and the sinner are interacting with each other, where both are opposite to each other and are necessary for each other’s survival. If there is virtue, there is sin. If there is good, there is bad. If there are thieves, there are priests. If there are angels, there is Satan. So, both the opposite extremes exist, and become recognition for the opposite. So, when there is collaboration between man and others are around him, there is either virtue or sin that is produced. This is how society will go on till the end of the world.
Collaboration may also mean here that sin is produced with mutual agreement between two people, as Crane has shown the men at the hotel talking about how they had all taken part in killing Swede. Although many sins can be committed without the involvement of a second person; yet, here collaboration means sin committed with the help of two or more persons, who have interacted with each other, and have planned to commit the sin. We know it because the Easterner explains it by saying, “We, five of us, have collaborated in the murder of this Swede. Usually there are from a dozen to forty women really involved in every murder, but in this case ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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