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Ways in which The Internet Has changed political interactions globally - Essay Example

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Indeed internet has played a key role in transforming political debates around the world as people can contribute either to policy debates or in demanding change in their…
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Ways in which The Internet Has changed political interactions globally
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Download file to see previous pages Through the internet, people have been able to interact with leaders online through social media like face book where they ask questions and the leaders respond immediately. In this way, leaders are held accountable while they also get a chance to explain their challenges to their constituents. Political parties have also used internet to raise campaign funds (Bruce and Richard 64). In the United States of America, Barrack Obama is credited to have used social media to campaign for the presidency and to raise funds. This helped him to reach so many people within a very short time contributing to his popularity and subsequent election to the presidency. In the Middle East, the president of Egypt was ousted from power as people used the social media to mobilise as many people as possible to come together and demand the resignation of President Mubarak. The social sites like Twitter were used to share information with the rest of the world including sending pictures of the situation on the ground and this made the whole world to condemn the manner in which protesters were beaten and harassed by the government. Eventually the international community joined min and demanded the resignation of the Egyptian president. The internet has therefore contributed to the growth of democracy min the global politics.
Internet has also influenced global political interactions with the emergence of e-government. This has given the government a channel through which it can interact with the citizens with an intention of getting feedback and increasing citizen’s participation in decision-making. Government’s openness in doing business is therefore enhanced, as every expenditure of its revenue is questioned hence reducing chances of corruption in government transactions.
Political parties have adopted, online voter registration, as they will reach many ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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