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McDonalds Is My Favorite Place - Essay Example

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The paper "My Favorite Place" highlights that the final part of the author's enjoyment of McDonald's is tasting the food. Undoubtedly, tasting the food is the central part of his appreciation of McDonald's. The French fries taste simply sensational; the burgers are just as good…
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McDonalds Is My Favorite Place
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Download file to see previous pages This essay uses imagery, personification, alliteration, and simile to describe my favourite place. 
One of the most exciting parts about visiting McDonald's is visual. As a child, my parents would not tell me that we were going out to eat and then suddenly I would see the car turn the corner and the golden arches would appear. Like a hungry child, they appeared to me like they would a lake or water source to a water-starved person in the desert. As an adult, while I don’t have this some fanatical appreciation for the site, there is an understanding that it only takes driving for a few moments before I can find these arches and buy a familiar meal. Finally, upon entering the restaurant there is an expansive visual display of colors and delicious food that heightens my appreciation.
Another major part of my appreciation for the restaurant is tactile. As a child perhaps I felt this most prominently when I would visit the playground. After eating, my brother and I would run out to the playground and begin throwing the balls around like they were water balloons. The playground was almost like a living component of the restaurant, without its many twists and turns. We would then have the toys from the happy meal to play with. We would play with these by moving them around or changing the various components, for many hours. Indeed, they became a major part of my long-term enjoyment of McDonald's.
While as an adult I recognize that the food is unhealthy, it is oftentimes impossible to resist. I vividly can recall the taste of the McChicken, the Big Mac, or the many desserts. Ultimately, the taste of the food is the restaurants greatest element.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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