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All verbs can be broadly categorized into regular and irregular verbs, each of which can be subdivided into five small categories: simple present, simple past, indefinite, simple participle, and past participle. The differentiating factor between regular and irregular verbs is…
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Reading Response 5
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Reading Response 5 Regular and Irregular Verbs: All verbs can be broadly categorized into regular and irregular verbs, each of which can be subdivided into five small categories: simple present, simple past, indefinite, simple participle, and past participle. The differentiating factor between regular and irregular verbs is their use in the simple past and past participle.
When used in a past tense or the past participle, all the regular verbs end in –ed, making them quite easy to use and remember. Three examples of regular verbs include:
Simple Present Simple Past Past Participle
Laugh Laughed Laughed
Start Started Started
Wash Washed Washed
On the other hand, the irregular verbs do not have a regular pattern and can end in any manner. Therefore the only way to ensure correct usage is to memorize and practice the use of irregular verbs. Three examples of irregular verbs are:
Simple Present Simple Past Past Participle
Blow Blew Blown
Buy Bought Bought
Drive Drove Drive
Subject/Verb Agreement:
The rule is to use a singular verb with a singular subject and a plural verb with a plural subject. However the tricky part is to identify the subject and recognizing it as singular or plural. The next step is then to use the appropriate verb. If the subject is singular, an ‘s’ is added at the end of the verb. For example, in the sentence, ‘The cat chases the birds’, ‘Cat’ is the subject which is singular and hence the verb used is ‘chases’ rather than ‘chase’. There are some rules which are important in recognizing the subject as singular or plural. They are listed below:
1) When two singular verbs are connected by either/or or neither/nor, a singular verb is used. If the preposition used is ‘and’, then a plural verb is used.
2) When a singular and a plural subject is connected by either/or or neither/nor, and the plural subject comes later, then a plural verb is used.
3) Also each, everyone, everybody, anyone, somebody and other such pronouns are regarded as singular subjects and hence should only be used with singular verbs.
A paragraph is a collection of many sentences that are carefully organized and talk about the same subject. A paragraph talks about a single idea which is stated clearly in the topic sentence. The topic sentence can be at the start of the paragraph or anywhere in between. All paragraphs follow a certain structure, mainly the introduction, body and the conclusion. The introduction usually contains the topic sentence along with other sentences that provide the reader with the background information. After the introduction, comes the body of the paragraph that talks about the topic introduced earlier. It builds up the topic using facts, arguments, examples or other information. In the end comes the conclusion which is necessary to wrap up the whole paragraph. The conclusion summarizes the main ideas stated in the paragraph and may talk about the implications of the topic discussed.
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