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Robidoux’es “sports” article, Imagining a Canadian Identity Through Sport: A Historical Interpretation of Lacrosse and Hockey, is concerned with how Hockey and Lacrosse typifies Canada’s United peacekeeper image.
1. The modern sport of…
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Summary for an article
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Download file to see previous pages Amateurism includes playing Hockey in a gentlemanly manner. Players were ejected for violating game rules. Amateurs did not play intensely for pay, but for peaceful fun.
3. The author states Hockey metamorphosed into a modern sport. Hockey, like modern sports, is bound by game rules. Hockey, like modern sports, is highly organized. Hockey, like modern sports, uses standard game equipments.
4. Further, Hockey’s modernization is grounded on the Canadian peacekeeper image. Game rules penalize violence. Rules reduce disorder in the game. Mass rowdiness is reduced to “peaceful” levels.
5. Further, Lacrosse, similar to Hockey, defies the British bourgeois sensibilities. Hockey defies British sensibilities of refinement. Hockey runs counter to British sensibilities of gentlemanliness. Hockey is a physical sport, not a refined sport.
6. Sports focused on resisting imported sports. Baggataway, a local sport is the national sport. The sport includes speed, skill, and violence. Baggatway was renamed Lacrosse. George Beers formulated the Lacrosse game rules ensure ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Summary for an Article Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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