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Short Stories versus Repression of Desires and Love - Research Paper Example

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The essay "Short Stories versus Repression of Desires and Love" analyzes the short stories: "A White Heron by Jewett" by Sarah Orne, "The Lottery" by Jackson Shirley, and "The Story of An Hour" by Kate Chopin. These writers attempt to understand the love as well as repression of desires…
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Short Stories versus Repression of Desires and Love
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Download file to see previous pages Sylvia’s coming to the city has been of great help to the grandmother since she (Sylvia) has been very significant in assisting with the duty chores.
In this short story, Jewett attempts to establish the understanding of love as well as repression of desires. After coming to the city, Sylvia has fallen in love with virtually everything and her new (Jewett 4). She loves and values every aspect of the city. Sylvia’s love for the animals and birds in the city prevents her from telling the hunter where the heron’s nest is located until she is given money and a gift of the knife. Keeping the secret of the heron’s nest brings out the idea of repressing the desire of whether to tell the hunter or not. On a different perspective, the hunter is in love with his activity as well as the heron. After discovering that there was a heron (rare bird) seen in the area, the hunter sets out to find it (Jewett 9). His desire or love for the heron makes him bribe Sylvia with a knife and money so that he can be shown the heron’s nest.
This short story revolves around the life of Mrs. Hutchinson, a normal housewife, and the annually contested lottery. In this short story, there is a lottery that people participate to win on an annual basis. People participate in the lottery despite the fact that its price is not money but being stoned to death. Amazingly, people still anticipate the lottery irrespective of the end result. Mrs. Hutchinson knows this very well but she could not have fathomed the idea that one day she might be the winner of the lottery. One day, Mrs. Hutchinson’s family was chosen as the winner of the lottery. All these times, Mrs. Hutchinson did not question the lottery until it reached her turn to be stoned to death.
Like many other short stories, The Lottery by Shirley Jackson attempts to establish the love and desires that particular individuals have towards specific aspects of life. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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