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Jasper's Ethical Issue - Case Study Example

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This case study outlines that Jasper’s case can be analysed to come up with ethical issues articulating the case. He is a senior software engineer. He considered himself privileged to be part of the management of a large software development company that came up with a patient monitoring system. …
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Jaspers Ethical Issue
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Extract of sample "Jasper's Ethical Issue"

Download file to see previous pages As the discussion stresses Jasper can solve this ethical issue by restructuring the system into a more accurate one. However, this time should incorporate other personnel to come up with top results. Although the general manager was advised and his proposal to sell the system to the hospital objected by Jasper, he went ahead and sold it to the hospital. However, the general manager can decide to compensate the patient that died as a result of the wrong information given by his system. His company can also decide to withdraw from manufacturing of the system.
According to the paper it is necessary to consider the general wellness of other people apart from the income generated to the company from the sale of the system. The fact that Jasper’s company knew of the problem with the system, it would have been vital to firstly ensure the problem was completely resolved before it can be put in use. In fact, this ought to have been prioritized since the machine was to do with lives of patients. The solution by the company to get another umbrella of insurance policy to cover any casualties emanating from the use of the system is unethical and uncalled for. It is apparent that if the company produced an excellent system with no problems, it could not have taken the insurance policy. This means that the company unethically took the policy with expected misfortune. It was unethical that Jasper’s company did not apply any ethics in dealing with the sale of the system. Therefore, the case of Jasper’s company needs to be handled with a lot of sensitivity. The company need to be punished according to the provision of the law in order to avoid such occurrences. Jasper also needs to be referred back for more training on how to perfect his knowledge of user interface. It would be necessary for individuals like Jasper to put in to consideration other people’s welfare when designing and manufacturing such systems. It is unethical for scientists and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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