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He owned a medium sized ISP (Internet Service Provider) company in the suburbs. To this day he remains my mentor and friend. Throughout my employment period, I enjoyed a pleasant…
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Download file to see previous pages My employer was exceptionally helpful in providing the conducive working environment; reasonable targets, deadlines and achievable goals. For instance, I was provided with the resources and given the chance to get on the job training.
In my first day of employment, during the company meeting I was introduced as the new IT department rookie’. In my second week, I had just delivered the weekly System Maintenance report to the Managing Director when he requested me to see him. I worried about my performance and thought I was going to be fired. What followed left me dumbstruck. The manager told me that my potential could not be fully utilized within his firm. He shared with me the idea of building an independent venture. Listening to his advice, given that he could have retained me as an employee for as long as he wished was unbelievable. He stated his intention to work with me for a maximum of one year, during which I would learn the ropes and be business oriented.
Well, in my own capacity I felt comfortable in having a job that is secure and was not willing to venture into business. Deep down I knew that I had the potential, though I was not willing to bring it out. In the months that followed, I reported directly to the manager who engaged me in all forms of learning. One of my colleagues called it ‘street learning’. I climbed the ranks through hard work, dedication and expert advice from the manager.
After 1 year, my contract ended. The time to start my business had come. In my experience, I had identified several avenues to pursue. However, I had no idea which was best. I approached my employer with my options, looking for help on how to arrive at a decision. I received expert advice on starting a business venture and the preparations required. In my preparation, my mentor created the working environment and guided me on business development. In the startup, the idea I adapted was to open a high street store ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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