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With the emergence of writers such as H.G. Wells science fiction emerged as a distinct genre. Within this genre fantastical explorations of flights to the moon and underneath the…
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Why do you think science fiction is so popular today
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Science Fiction The nature of literature has long functioned as a means of exploring future contexts and potentials. With the emergence such as H.G. Wells science fiction emerged as a distinct genre. Within this genre fantastical explorations of flights to the moon and underneath the sea were presented both as entertainment and as a means of journeying into the future. In the modern world science fiction has retained a place of great prominence among writers and filmmakers. This essay demonstrates that the continued widespread popularity of science fiction in the modern world is attributable to the great scientific progress that has been made in recent years, the expansive nature of the genre, and a general unease with contemporary society and our collective futures.
One of the major reasons science fiction is widely popular today is because of modern technological advances. The last two decades have witnessed an infusion of technology the rapid progression of which the world has never before experienced. In these regards, one considers the development of the Internet and digital technology as some of the prominent developments. In addition, cloning and stem cell research has also presented great potential for the genre. Ultimately, with the explosion of these technologies a corresponding desire to explore their extreme potentials in literature and entertainment has largely fueled the genre.
Another prominent reason science fiction is extremely popular in the contemporary world is because of the expansive nature of the genre. Science fiction is unique among genres in that it is restricted only by the imagination of the writer. This is contrasted with genres such as film noir, westerns, or even romantic comedies that are subject to highly restrictive genre conventions that grow tired after a number of years. Conversely science fiction is constantly able to reinvent itself in accord with specific changes in technology and the cultural milieu. This ability to constantly explore the spectrum of human knowledge and experience allows the genre to stay highly relevant in the contemporary world.
A final reason science fiction is widely popular is because of general unease with society and our collective futures. The current world has problems. Countries such as Italy and Greece are facing bankruptcy and the rest of Europe and the United States face a considerable recession. There are growing concerns with global warming, world hunger, and HIV. With this great amount of social unease the need for a dream-like and imaginary genre of fiction is readily apparent. Through science fiction people are able to escape their concerns and imagine a future utopian or dystopian world.
In conclusion, this essay has examined why science fiction is widely popular in the modern world. In this context of understanding it’s revealed that science fiction is popular because of modern technological advances, the expansive nature of the genre, and general social unease and unrest with the contemporary world. While science fiction has been a long established genre, it’s clear that ultimately this art form will persists many years into the future as its modes of expression hold important connotations for humanity. Read More
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