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Changes in the Modern Life - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This paper stresses that the reporter was reading aloud to a child this last week - the words in tones and inflections that whispered of characterization and old traditions of storytelling that ignited the story with adventure - when in peering into this child’s face I saw for a moment a glimpse into the future…
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Changes in the Modern Life
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Download file to see previous pages The social changes that the women of my generation make will allow the next generation to build upon those changes, just as we have built upon the hope of our mothers.
I come from a world that has been steeped in religious traditions that go back for centuries. Change comes in tiny, almost imperceptible increments that are slipped in like a little change in the seasoning of a favorite recipe. Any change that must be made is done in a way that has the least disruptive influence possible. Still, these tiny little changes mean a great deal as our society evolves and strengthens through these small enlightenments that free our members to celebrate those traditions that give to us our faith while loosening shackles that bind us in ways that are outside of our purpose. My family is a member of the Orthodox Jewish faith in the Lubavitch Hassidic traditions. This is a world that is clearly defined by its traditions and beliefs.
The traditions that have been passed to me from my parents have developed the foundation of my personal core ethics and morals. This crucial aspect of my identity is defined by having been raised as an Orthodox Jew, in the Lubavitch Hassidic traditions. However, most people in this community do not attend college and it is very rare for one to enter the professional world. It is unusual for members of my sect to engage in the study of secular texts or to study the work of intellectuals not defined by Hassidic tradition. My senior thesis, “Feminism and Hasidism; An Exploration of Feminism in Lubavitch” discusses a broadening of the understanding of the female identity within a right-winged religious community. Unlike many others in my society, I have sought to find an understanding of the secular world in order to develop a connection between the secular and the faith-based existence. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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