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Elise Smart's Problem - Essay Example

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This paper presents Elise Smart's problem which is that she must decide what performance assessment to give to one of her employee who has, uncharacteristically, failed to meet one of her key objectives for the year. The situation is difficult for Smart…
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Elise Smarts Problem
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Download file to see previous pages As the discussion highlights the various factors that influence sustained performance (ability, motivation, resources, role clarity, reinforcement) are examined, as well as steps leaders can take in improving performance of those for whom they are responsible. Since Elise Smart was so sure about the rating of Ketchum, Elise will suggest that Ketchum will undergo further training and understanding of her position in the organization. Because of the appraisal that she was getting Darlene Ketchum maybe is assuming that she is still doing the right thing. But Elise Smart sees it in a different way. Ketchum is no longer functioning as what she was before. Maybe because of several factors the performance of Ketchum declines without her knowing it. Elise Smart must show proof and facts that her observation on Ketchum performance is valid and accurate.
This study outlines that the case of Elise Smart in the Milleneum Insurance are quiet tough. Smart must be able to show proof and facts that Darlene Ketchum deserves to have a very low appraisal such as data on poor performance and other mistakes that Ketchum has committed to correlate it with Elise’s report. It will be hard for Smart to convince the organization since Ketchum was appraised before as to be one of the excellent employees of the company. The problem is how will Smart will be able to show that her assessment and observation to Ketchum is valid. In the company during appraisal Elise need to discuss the assessment made to Ketchum and she will sign the assessment form. The problem of Elise is that whether Darlene Ketchum will accept the evaluation or not. How will Elise show the appraisal if Ketchum still assumes that she will have the excellent rating? Darlene Ketchum needs to sign the said evaluation before Elise Smart will be able to forward it to the vice-president.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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