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Mark Twain, His Life and Inspiration to Write - Research Paper Example

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Mark Twain was very proud of his Virginian ancestry, and in his hospitalities and his rather formal stately manners he kept up its traditions in his way of living as a free thinker as his father Judge Clemens was a man of dignity with a good standing in the community, who died in 1847 leaving his family very young. …
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Mark Twain, His Life and Inspiration to Write
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Download file to see previous pages His younger schooling life was troublesome as he was plagued by illness during the first seven years of his life. His behaviour was almost eccentric, and he had a tendency to wander away from home and as a boy he read adventure stories of pirates and knights in the heroic fiction and poetry of such authors as Sir Walter Scott, Lord Byron and James Fennimore Cooper. He thought of these writers as exemplary and he would not have become the highly original writer that in time he became. He was always a reader though he usually chose to present himself as far from being bookish. When his schooling came to close, he took a part time job that would later become his career. He served as a delivery boy and an office boy, became a printer’s apprentice for the hometown newspaper, the Hannibal Courier as he was following in the footstep of his brother Orion, nearly six years his elder, who has the same career in 1839. Two decades later, he wrote, “Education continued in the offices of the Hannibal ‘Courier’ & the ‘Journal,’ as an apprentice printer”. He served in all capabilities, including staff work as the Courier’s makeshift library introduced him to humorous publications such as The Spirit of the Times. He later found his concerns with victimisation and humiliation particularly congenial to his talents and attributes. For a short time, he adopted from the south frontier stories on the use of slang and elaborate misspellings. Like many of other writers associated with his school, he adopted a pen name. The successful publication of his work in the East made him turn his attention to local publication and was able to publish several items, some as a consequence of a...
The successful publication of his work in the East made him turn his attention to local publication and was able to publish several items, some as a consequence of a disagreement with the editor of the Hannibal Tri-Weekly Messenger, whom he tried to embarrass. In May 1853, young Mark was awarded “our Assistant’s Column” and the column criticised newspapers that borrowed without credit. In mid-august, having been unable to find work in New York he took up a job as a typesetter and developed a literary technique he was to make good use of throughout his career. In the spring of 1854, he was obliged to leave the east because of what he latter termed as financial stress and then took his printing skills back to the Mississippi valley, sitting upright in the smoking car for two to three days and nights, as his interest in humour and in writing arose directly from his pleasure in books and in printer’s libraries and later his own substantial collection, he was an insatiable writer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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