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Date The Insanity of Hamlet William Shakespeare’s Hamlet clearly describes how Hamlet shows an antic disposition that results to his mind breakdown. His ability to reason well and make sober decisions is greatly affected by his antic disposition…
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Download file to see previous pages His tempers during the play make him so bitter and emotional making him do and say things without thinking of the consequences. Hamlet’s father’s death is the reason behind him acting all crazy and angry. He is planning to revenge for the death of his father, so his acting crazy is actually part of the plan. However, his antic disposition leads him into making very insane decisions, which may prevent him from administering his initial plan. As he is making sure he makes it believable that he is mad, some of his actions mess up his plans, and he has to work towards making it possible. After the death of King Hamlet, his father, he immediately starts acting all crazy. This was also powered by the fact that Hamlet did not get a chance to mourn his father. He was supposed to accept the news and carry on with life. Hamlet could not come into terms with the fact that his father was dead, and it seemed so fine. He was actually not allowed to mourn at all. His mother and uncle would say heartbreaking things to him, and this would make him feel so bad. His Uncle Claudius then married his mother and they carried on with life so well like nothing had happened. These events happen so fast and Hamlet cannot really understand why his father died, and why his mother moved on so fast with no pain of loss. He is therefore distracted from that moment and starts his antic disposition. ...
He even threatens Marcellus and Horatio that he will kill them if they do not let him go. They finally agree to let him leave but follow him closely. The ghost seen by Hamlet is the first thing that proves his insanity through his antic disposition. Hamlet decides to follow the ghost to wherever he will be led to; ignoring the fact that he can be exposing himself to great danger. Hamlet’s antic disposition starts to practically control his mind when he decides to follow the ghost. He does not realize that he is risking his life by doing that, and this shows that he is actually going mad. It could be impossible for Hamlet to follow the ghost without realizing the risk if he was sane. This action thus marks the beginning of a series of events that are controlled by his antic disposition, which could lead to actual insanity. According to Marcellus, the appearance of the ghost meant that there was something very wrong with the state of Denmark. It meant that the worst was about to happen. Hamlet’s antic disposition would not allow his mind to think straight and figure out why the ghost was there. Instead, he was so curious, anxious and eager to finding out what the ghost had to say. In that case, Hamlet did not prepare himself for what would become of the ghost’s visit. A lady by the name Ophelia was the love target for Hamlet. He showed love to her and spent as much time with her as he could. He would assure her of his love towards her and give her promises. Ophelia was so excited by the fact that the prince of Denmark loved her. She was always there for him, to listen to and make him happy. She was fully convinced that Hamlet was in love with her, but later her father and brother told ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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