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The Conquest of Constantinople - Essay Example

Constantinople, now commonly known as Istanbul was the Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. After the fall of Rome, it became the center of the Empire. The name Constantinople was given to it in the honor of its founder Constantine and before that, it was called “Nova Roma” which means New Rome. If we go a little more into the past it will come to our knowledge that this city was also called “Bezantium” after Byzas; a Greek 7th century ruler. The whole history of names is almost enough to explain the importance Constantinople has had over the time.So far, its major contributive factor to its importance was its geographical location. In terms of trade, it was golden. Trade from Asia, Western Europe as well as the Middle East had to cross it; also it is connected to many important countries through the water route. With so many advantages, Constantinople was a city that every empire wanted for themselves, hence the multiple names and changes in the rulers. This paper, however, elaborates and focuses on the fall of Constantinople into the hands of the Muslim Empire. Constantinople was part of the Byzantine Empire when the Muslims took control of it. When Islam spread, the Muslim Empire was obviously at its peak. These were the beginning of the glory days for the Muslims. In AD 378, Byzantine lost much of its control over Middle East as well as North Africa, but they very much had the control over Constantinople. It was a city with fortresses, like mentioned above, it was golden: in terms of

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business, security as well as control.


Constantinople, now commonly known as Istanbul was the Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. After the fall of Rome, it became the center of the Empire. The name Constantinople was given to it in the honor of its founder Constantine and before that, it was called “Nova Roma” which means New Rome…
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The Conquest of Constantinople
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