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Bermuda Triangle - Research Paper Example

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The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle The world we live in abounds with certain natural anomalies for which no scientific explanation can be found. There are times when these anomalies end up being a benefit to the world, other times, it turns into a terror that haunts the nightmares of people…
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Bermuda Triangle
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"Bermuda Triangle"

Download file to see previous pages A body of water that seems to take human sacrifices, making both man and machine disappear as they trek across its waters. Be it by air or sea, it seems that there is an unnatural force existing in that area that our modern abilities cannot overcome. The Bermuda Triangle has thus, remained a mystery for many decades now. However, time has not satiated man's quest to explain the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Rather, it has only fed his desire to conquer one of the most inexplicable places on our planet. Therefore, the questions continues to remain “What is the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?”. There have actually been a number of myths developing around the strange and mysterious disappearance that have happened in the area that can be traced all the way back to the time of Columbus and the discovery of the New World. Historically, there have been a long line of military and private vessels that have gone missing within the triangle area, the most popular disappearance being that of the fame female pilot Amelia Earhart. Most recently however, famed fashion designer Vittorio Missoni was also reported to have disappeared during a flight that took his plane directly into the triangle's path (Speigel, Lee “Vittorio Missoni's Disappearance Gives Rise to New Fears of Bermuda Triangle Worldwide”). ...
on in the North Atlantic Ocean that forms a triangle using the bodies of water located within three key points; Miami, Florida, Bermuda, and San Juan, Puerto Rico (“The Bermuda Triangle”). When one views the and traces these location points on a current world map, one will easily notice the triangle formation that exists within the three. It is this very specific shape of the area that led to the name Bermuda Triangle, with Bermuda being the central point between the three. Although most popularly known as the Bermuda Triangle by most people, the name was never made official for the area. In fact, there is still a huge scientific and social debate as to whether the Bermuda Triangle actually exists or not. The area has not even been cordoned off ala Area 51. Instead, the stretch of water occupied by these points continue to be a source of air and water traffic for the region. There have been no reports of extra precautions being undertaken such as higher insurance premiums or vessel surveillance when ships and planes pass through the area. Agrosy Magazine was the first magazine to have used the term “Bermuda Triangle” in an article written by Vincent H. Gaddis in 1964. Gaddis is documented in the magazine article as being the first person to use the term in making a publicly claim that ships and planes disappeared under mysterious circumstances within this sea area. However, Fate Magazine in 1952 published the first documented claim that the area seemed to be infested with strange accidents (“The “Mystery” of the Bermuda Triangle”). These published claims helped fuel the various theories that added to the mystery and interest of the public in learning more about what lay beneath the mysterious waters. Covering an area of over 500,000 square miles, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bermuda Triangle
( It is sometimes also referred to as the Devil’s Triangle because of its association with an unusually large number of strange mysterious accidents in that region. Dozens of ships, planes and people have mysteriously disappeared with seemingly no explanation.
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Bermuda Triangle
Purpose of this research is to discover if there is enough evidence to fear this triangle or is it just a myth that has no scientific study at all. Methodology Study will make use of scientific studies and literatures and evidences that will clear the mystery.
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Bermuda Triangle
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