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Bermuda Triangle - Research Paper Example

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The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle The world we live in abounds with certain natural anomalies for which no scientific explanation can be found. There are times when these anomalies end up being a benefit to the world, other times, it turns into a terror that haunts the nightmares of people…
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Bermuda Triangle
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Extract of sample "Bermuda Triangle"

Download file to see previous pages A body of water that seems to take human sacrifices, making both man and machine disappear as they trek across its waters. Be it by air or sea, it seems that there is an unnatural force existing in that area that our modern abilities cannot overcome. The Bermuda Triangle has thus, remained a mystery for many decades now. However, time has not satiated man's quest to explain the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Rather, it has only fed his desire to conquer one of the most inexplicable places on our planet. Therefore, the questions continues to remain “What is the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?”. There have actually been a number of myths developing around the strange and mysterious disappearance that have happened in the area that can be traced all the way back to the time of Columbus and the discovery of the New World. Historically, there have been a long line of military and private vessels that have gone missing within the triangle area, the most popular disappearance being that of the fame female pilot Amelia Earhart. Most recently however, famed fashion designer Vittorio Missoni was also reported to have disappeared during a flight that took his plane directly into the triangle's path (Speigel, Lee “Vittorio Missoni's Disappearance Gives Rise to New Fears of Bermuda Triangle Worldwide”). ...
on in the North Atlantic Ocean that forms a triangle using the bodies of water located within three key points; Miami, Florida, Bermuda, and San Juan, Puerto Rico (“The Bermuda Triangle”). When one views the and traces these location points on a current world map, one will easily notice the triangle formation that exists within the three. It is this very specific shape of the area that led to the name Bermuda Triangle, with Bermuda being the central point between the three. Although most popularly known as the Bermuda Triangle by most people, the name was never made official for the area. In fact, there is still a huge scientific and social debate as to whether the Bermuda Triangle actually exists or not. The area has not even been cordoned off ala Area 51. Instead, the stretch of water occupied by these points continue to be a source of air and water traffic for the region. There have been no reports of extra precautions being undertaken such as higher insurance premiums or vessel surveillance when ships and planes pass through the area. Agrosy Magazine was the first magazine to have used the term “Bermuda Triangle” in an article written by Vincent H. Gaddis in 1964. Gaddis is documented in the magazine article as being the first person to use the term in making a publicly claim that ships and planes disappeared under mysterious circumstances within this sea area. However, Fate Magazine in 1952 published the first documented claim that the area seemed to be infested with strange accidents (“The “Mystery” of the Bermuda Triangle”). These published claims helped fuel the various theories that added to the mystery and interest of the public in learning more about what lay beneath the mysterious waters. Covering an area of over 500,000 square miles, the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Bermuda Triangle

...The mystery of the triangle probably took hold with the first publicized disappearance in 1945 when 5 Navy Avengers disappeared in the area. The myth gained momentum after reporter E.V.W. Jones compiled a list of “mysterious disappearances” of ships and planes between the Florida coast and Bermuda. As more incidents occurred, the reputation grew and past events were reanalyzed and added to the legend. In 1964, "Argosy Magazine" gave the triangle its name in an article titled "The Deadly Bermuda Triangle" by Vincent Gaddis. (Obringer “How the Bermuda Triangle Works”) List of some well known disappearances include: The...
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Definition of The Bermuda Triangle

...that happened in the Bermuda Triangle were inaccurately recorded and the real percentage of casualties is actually just the same as that in any other region of the ocean. What actually makes this specific region of the Atlantic Ocean primarily fascinating and the reason why this region has amassed such immense worldwide attention over time is based on the fact that word of mouth has played a significant role in this issue which is discussed in this essay. People have rushed to associate supernatural explanations with the Bermuda Triangle due to which this region gained a mysterious aura in a short span of time. Along with contemplating the mystery of...
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The Bermuda Triangle

...reporters and seafarers. Still, people are not yet ready to believe that there exists less scope for paranormal activity behind the Bermuda Triangle. But evidences on the disappearances of ships and aircrafts in the Bermuda Triangle prove that there exists less scope for extraterrestrial forces behind disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. Besides, this region is a renowned for heavy traffic of ships. So, there exists high scope for accidents and related incidents. At the same time, the story behind the Bermuda Triangle tends the seafarers and pilots to expect some extraterrestrial forces in this region...
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The Myth of Bermuda Triangle

... as a number of ships have disappeared, as is acclaimed without providing any logic behind their disappearance. Let’s focus on the geographical positioning of the Bermuda Triangle, which is considered to be off the Southeastern coast of the United States in the Atlantic Ocean, with its vertices touching Bermuda, Miami, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, roughly grounded in 500,000 square miles (Obringer, 2012). The adjective ‘Devil’ was associated with Bermuda because once Bermuda was called, “the Isle of Devils.” It is because the reefs surrounding the area are quite tricky to the sailing ships, resulting in the wreckage of sailing ships. An object becomes a mystery when the logic behind extra-ordinary happening near that object...
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Bermuda Triangle

...a clear understanding of the mystery. Discussions of fallacies come first followed by scientific explanations. Background First, let us have an idea where Bermuda Triangle is located. Thru the map, Bermuda Triangle has an imaginary line located off the South-Eastern coast of the United States and in the Atlantic Ocean. The three corners of the triangle are: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Miami (Florida and Bermuda (North of ) Atlantic Islands.(Battcharya, Raj.)   The definite area is not defined, but some says it is around 500,000 to 1,500,000 square miles. Battcharya, Raj recalls, at the time of coining a name or this place, it was named after...
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The Bermuda Triangle

... in the Bermuda Triangle were inaccurately recorded and the real percentage of casualties is actually just the same as that in any other region of the ocean. What actually makes this specific region of the Atlantic Ocean primarily fascinating and the reason why this region has amassed such immense worldwide attention over time is based on the fact that word of mouth has played a significant role in this issue which is discussed in this essay. People have rushed to associate supernatural explanations with the Bermuda Triangle due to which this region gained a mysterious aura in a short span of time. Along with contemplating the mystery of Bermuda Triangle historically, some majorly important characteristics related to it are also discussed...
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The Bermuda Triangle

The essay "The Bermuda Triangle" talks about the Bermuda Triangle, an area of the Atlantic Ocean, which has a mythical value as it is associated with the inexplicable disappearance of numerous vessels such as ships and airplanes passing through or over the area. The name emanates from the fact that the area is marked by a triangularly shaped border which connects Bermuda to Miami and then to San Juan back to Bermuda. It is believed that this section of the ocean is always busy with traffic, with commercial ships sailing through to places such as Europe, Caribbean and other ports in America while tourists fly over from Florida to Bermuda and other Islands in the vicinity and back using light airplanes. This section of the ocean is...
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...The Devils Bermuda Triangle The world encompasses thousands of mysteries and secrets within itself, some of them have been discovered while many still remain hidden from the human eye. These mysteries mesmerize the human mind and his curious nature is always in the struggle to decipher them. In spite of the high standards of advancements made in the areas of science and technology, these mysteries in various corners of the world still are a source of questioning and curiosity for the humans. The Mother Nature exhibits these surprises and mysteries in the form of strange people with their unique cultural and traditional habits, astounding flora and fauna and some incredible locations. The Bermuda Triangle is one of these locations...
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Investigation of the june 3, 2006, collapse of Grandview triangle bridge in Kansas City, MO (crane accident)

...Investigation of the June 3, 2006, collapse of Grandview Triangle Bridge in Kansas MO (crane accident) time, place and images of the accident The crane accident occurred on June 3, 2006 at 1:30 pm on Kansa city when Grandview Triangle Bridge collapsed. The two bridge collapse during the process of demolition. One of the workers lost his life while the other one was seriously injured. The workers were part of the crew that was involved in carrying out the demolition of a bridge that was eight hundred and fifty fits long. The bridge was put in place in the year 1974 and connected west and southbound. Transportation Department of Missouri owned it. The frames of the bridge were made up of steel with its girders welded. The bridge deck...
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The Bermuda Triangle comparison to other most-traveled areas of the ocean (Baumgardner 2012). Theorists have blamed the Bermuda triangle’s supposed mystery on everything from Atlantis, aliens and sea monsters to reverse gravity fields and time warps. However, most scientifically psyched theorists have pointed the bizarre to waterspouts, magnetic anomalies or huge explosion of methane gas from the floor of the ocean, yet overalls, there is no single theory that solves the mystery. Plate boundaries separate the earths continents and seafloors. The crust that forms the bottom of the earths oceans is being generated constantly along mid-ocean ridges and mountain ranges. According to Baumgardner (2012), "Mid-ocean ridges are...
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Bermuda Triangle

... then give a conclusion. The Bermuda Triangle, also popularly referred to as the Devil’s Triangle, is an area in the Atlantic Ocean where it is believed several airplanes, ships, and other vessels have vanished without probable cause or explanation. Therefore, the disappearances are believed to be mysterious. The Bermuda Triangle’s specific location is the North western part of the vast Atlantic Ocean (Gibbs, 3). The area covering the triangle is a large area which is between the Puerto Rico, Florida, and Bermuda. It is one of the busiest sea routes frequently used by fishing vessels, cruise ships and other freight vessels destined to sea ports in Europe, North America, South America and the Caribbean Islands. Besides being a busy shipping...
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...Attorney General Alberto Gonzales: The Ethics Triangle. Human society is ultimately dependent on the functioning of its’ public administrators and their perception of their duty. It is the public administrator who constitutes the foundation of a society’s cohesion and effective functioning and is instrumental in the actual execution of policies adopted to advance progress in a chosen direction. When the public administrators’ execution of duty is firmly rooted in ethical grounds, it can justifiably be expected that the administration will contribute to the optimal growth of society. These ethical expectations in the execution of public duty can be better understood, all available courses of action identified and the correct choice...
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...Argument: “A Project Manager should not have other managerial responsibilities" Introduction A project manager is a person who is responsible for achieving goals of the projects that are under his supervision. He is in contact with the client and serves as an intermediary connection between his firm and the clients. He should have full knowledge about the client’s requirements; only then he will be able to deliver a desired product. He needs to identify and understand their requirements, then make achievable and realistic objectives for the project. The project manager manages the resources assigned to him for the projects so that there is no possibility of delays in the delivery of the product. Project Management Triangle One... “A Project...
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...Independent Research Paper for MS in Travel and Tourism Management Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 1.Introduction 4 2.Bermuda Island: PESTL Analysis 8 3.Tourism in Bermuda 17 4.Recommended Strategies 38 5.Conclusion 47 References 49 Bibliography 54 Executive Summary Travel and tourism industry is one such sector that contributes a healthy percentage in the GDP of many developed as well as developing nations. In the last few years, this sector had showed a healthy progress, but due to financial crisis and economic recession in most of the developed nations, demand as well as revenue in travel and tourism industry has declined sharply. The market analysts firmly believe that as soon as the market condition starts reviving, one...
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...The modern rhetorical triangle constitutes of three elements, ly, speaker, audience and the situation (Cooper, 2009, p.52). The effectiveness of the message or the completeness and perfection of the rhetoric in relation with the speaker depends on the person who is speaking, why is he/she speaking, whether the speaker is a credible one for the audience and why, how the text presented by the speaker is characterized by “his or her personality or intentions” and also the historical context of the formation of the message presented by the speaker (Cooper, 2009, p.52). The second element being the audience, it is about what could be the nature of the expected audience, who could be the real audience, to what extent the speaker has understood...
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