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[Name of the Writer] [Name of Instructor] [Subject] [Date] Language: Bond or Barrier Language plays a crucial role in our lives as it is language that makes us explain ourselves and our needs to other people. Language not only connects us to other people, but also it keeps the power of breaking our bonds with the people…
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Language: Bond or Barrier
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"Language: Bond or Barrier"

Download file to see previous pages People are culturally and linguistically attached to a group of people and locality and this attachment is really important. We have different names that make other people know about our origin and background. The language that one group speaks binds the people together as they form a unity in terms of combined origins or culture. We are connected through language and it has the capability to form bonds between people. People working in an organization speaking the same jargonized language feel themselves connected through words. People of a country speaking the same language consider themselves connected. Human beings as social beings try to form groups in terms of their civilizations, cultures and kinship and at every level of social hierarchy, this grouping can be found (Reboul 10). Language is also a part of culture that connects people. They are able to understand each other on the basis of their connections through language. Linguistic connection between people is a bond that is created because of usage of language. Language appears as a barrier between two people if the language used by one person is sarcastic, dismissive and obtuse as it keeps the power of estranging the other person (Smith). Usage of jargonized language can also create barriers between people. ...
This strategy and usage of language in the wrong sense makes language as a barrier. The people of the two states develop wrong and adverse perceptions that cause obstruction between the people. Our leaders and politicians use words to promote their missions. Their words are structured in such a manner that they make sure that people think in the manner that they decide. Voting and election is an example of this as politicians encourage people to vote in their interest. People voting for the same politician show the connectivity of thought caused by the usage of words. Similarly, during wars, the leaders use the power of words for motivating their soldiers and fighters to fight for the country and its prestige. Words have manipulative influence over people, but they have to be used with technique. Leaders have the power of using manipulative words for getting what they want from people. Leaders make people to unite in a connected decision taken by the leaders, which represent that words can bond people. People working in a multicultural environment face language barriers because they have to make use of words and language that is not their own. People feel uncomfortable because of usage of unknown words; however, they are comfortable with the usage of native words. In businesses and multicultural commercial setups, usage of native language can become a reason of increased efficiency that is indicative of the fact that people speaking different languages and belonging to different cultures feel the barrier of language (Reducing the Impact of Language Barriers 3). This barrier is genuinely felt because of association and connection with one’s native language and words. Words are very significant in our life as they keep the authority of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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