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Advertisements analysis - Essay Example

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All advertisements seek to employ an effective method of stimulating a potential buyer to purchase their product.Advertising agencies creatively craft advertisements that tend to arouse a particular brain center thereby triggering a response. …
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Advertisements analysis
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"Advertisements analysis"

Download file to see previous pages According to Fowles, 15 basic brain centers are targeted including the need for sex, affiliation, nurture, etc (18) in order to have the desired impact. Advertising agencies are continually looking for new and fresh ideas that have not been done before and at the same time, are stimulating to the minds of their target audiences. The main aim of an advertisement by appealing to the needs and drives of people is to induce them to respond in a certain way, mostly to make a purchase. While various techniques are employed so as to get the audience’s attention, the most common one has been to trigger an individual’s need for sex. Such Freudian advertising uses an individual’s subconscious sexual desires in order to appeal them. One of the print advertisements to be run in Singapore by Burger King also employed Freudian advertising methods (Steinberg, n.pag.). Though the print advertisement did not display outstanding graphics, imagery, or lighting, it definitely appealed to the masses due to the presence of a suggestive model and her sensual pose. It has made use of various graphic elements so as to create the desired effect on its viewers. Therefore, the advertisement successfully brought the food chain giant high sales from its customers. The Burger King Freudian print advertisement did not only use an erotic visual imagery but also contains lewd texts and slogans along with it. The print advertisement shows the Burger King super seven incher sandwich and an amorous model right next to the sandwich. The model has worn bright red lip stick and has an open mouth just to the left of the sandwich depicting a great eating experience. The face expression of the model is intentionally kept such that it demonstrates the “mind blowing” experience of eating a seven inch Burger King sandwich. To the top right is the Burger King logo followed by its tag line “It just tastes better” (Steinberg, n.pag.). The photography lighting has been edited to be darker on the right side of the advertisement which displays the Burger King logo and its seven inch sandwich. Towards the left is the erotic model with an open mouth as if she was going to engulf the delicious seven incher sandwich. The print advertisement seems to have been heavily modified and edited using a computer graphics program in order to adjust the lighting and the various elements of the advertisement. The sandwich is especially shown in great detail so as to trigger a hunger feeling within the viewer of the advertisement, targeting his need basic for the physiological component – food. This induces a person to feel the hunger and hence purchase a Burger King super seven incher sandwich. This tactic effectively attracts the attention of the viewer and creates a desire within him to go and purchase their sandwich thereby bringing Burger King great returns in terms of profits. 2. The Burger King print advertisement has made use of various visual elements to motivate them to buy the delicious super seven incher sandwich. The sandwich is deliberately positioned to the right side where it is easily viewable by the audiences. The photography has particularly captured a fresh and juicy sandwich that is sure to induce a strong feeling of hunger. In case the viewer is already hungry, the picture of a supersized sandwich would conjure up images of a hearty Burger King meal. In particular, the advertisement is trying to focus on the “mind blowing” aspect of the sandwich. The picture of the sandwich deliberately shows quite a lot of detail about the sandwich including its ingredients and other additives. An individual can notice the sauce dripping down the sides and other tempting ingredients. The lighting is relatively darker ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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