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Name Tutor Course Date Childhood Obesity in USA Childhood obesity is at an alarming rate and is a serious health problem in United States, and about a third of American youths are obese. Childhood obesity is a very common nutritional disease in many developed countries, and it has been proved that obese people have reduced lifespan…
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Cause and effect
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"Cause and effect"

Download file to see previous pages Childhood obesity also increases the risk of psychosocial problem among children such as low self-esteem, bullying, teasing and are underestimated by their peers. This is a cause and effect essay exploring childhood obesity in USA. One major cause of childhood obesity in US is excessive consumption of calories, for instance, many children take many too much calories, and they do not engage in physical activities to burn them since they engage in minimal physical exercises. Most children in US and other developed countries do not take the right and healthy food. Increased intake of energy dense meals and soft drinks leads to childhood obesity. Children consume many calories, but participate less in physical activities (Murphy, 5). Lack of physical activity participation in children is caused by environmental factors such as lack of enough space to undertake different exercises like cycling, running among others. Furthermore, parents do not create time to help their children engage in physical activities. Continuous consumption of fast food and living sedentary lifestyles put them at risk of diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, and increased cholesterol among others. Researchers have pointed out sedentary lifestyle to be one of the major causes of obesity in both adults and children (Rippe and Angelopoulos 29). Parents are too busy to prepare healthy and nutritional meals to allow their children carry packed lunch instead of consuming fast food. More so, physical inactivity contributes largely in increasing cases of obesity because they spend most of their time playing video games and watching television. They spend less time exercising, but they do spend many hours watching and playing video games, this way, they are more likely to become overweight as opposed to those who spend less time playing video games and watching. Children and teenagers should engage in physical activities for at least sixty minutes daily (Murphy 14). Even though physical education has been introduced in many schools and kindergarten, many children do not actively participate in physical activity (Moreno, Pigeot and Ahrens 12). Obesity affects negatively on children’s lives. Firstly, obesity increases the risk for certain serious health problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol as well as high blood pressure, and musculoskeletal among others. Different studies cite obesity to be the major cause of premature death among children. Today, these serious health conditions are found among children due to unhealthy lifestyle because for a long time these diseases have been exclusively associated with adulthood. Secondly, obese children are at a higher risk of experiencing psychological problems such as bullying, underestimation, teasing, and low self-esteem among others (Rippe and Angelopoulos 39). Moreover, obese children are prone to depression and other medical conditions such as bone and joint problems and may experience breathing difficulties especially when they are engaged even in the slightest physical activity. Most obese children are not happy with their condition and are not comfortable to interact with their peers. In addition, obese children have the tendency of maturing earlier, that is, they seem to grow old faster as opposed to their colleagues who are not overweight. More so, overweight and obesity reduces children’s lifespan and causes premature death of most children in America. In conclusion, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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