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Argue the US should increase its use of natural gas - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Why the US must adopt the use of natural gas We are exhausting our fossil fuel deposits around the world and may lack alternative energy to drive our industries and the economy unless we adopt the use of natural gas. There is need for an informed understanding of the benefits of natural gas and the economic advantages that it presents to the United States…
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Argue the US should increase its use of natural gas
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Argue the US should increase its use of natural gas

Download file to see previous pages... This will critically compare both the pros and cons of this form of fuel and the benefits of its use in the United States (Knittel 3). The choice of gas to use in our industries is no longer guided by the desires of an individual but the cost and availability of the said fuel. With major economies relying on fossil fuel for different functions including industrial and home use, the current reserves are being depleted at an alarming rate. Natural gas is currently one of the cheapest and safest gases around the world with the United States sitting on a huge reserve of the gas which is currently unexploited. The lack of interest on natural gas and its resultant lack of exploitation can be attributed to the negative misconceptions that have been generated towards this gas (Ratner 7). Natural gas is colorless and odorless and produce high amount of energy when combusted with no significant emissions that negatively harm the environment. It is one of the most abundant gases in the United States but is rarely exploited due to the countries over reliance on fossil fuel. It contains high concentration of hydrocarbons including methane, ethane and propane, which are currently generated from fossil fuel at a much higher cost on the environment and economy. As a country that is much preoccupied with fossil fuel, switching to natural gas can only be achieved through informed education approaches that provide the benefits of this source of gas as compared to the current source. This topic will be insightful in guiding the country’s energy policy makers in making a significant policy shift from fossil fuel to natural gas. A number of misconceptions also exist about natural gas as compared to fossil fuels that act to confuse the citizens as further. This topic seeks to handle these misconceptions by providing an argumentative approach on why the country must adopt natural gas as opposed to the current use of fossil fuel (Knittel 3). Natural gas is cleaner as compared to fossil fuels thus making it the current fuel preferred by utility companies in the United States. With the current emphasis on the need to reduce emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the need for the adoption of a much cleaner gas makes natural gas the gas of choice. In addition, fossil fuels such as petroleum and gasoline, when combusted produces less energy as compared to natural gas but has higher amount of greenhouse effect as compared to natural gas. The increase in international lobbying for the adoption of safe and clean fuel supports the role of natural gas in the reduction of climate change, which occurs due to an increase in greenhouse gas emission from industries (Verrastro & Branch 5). However, natural gas has a finite nature that makes it unreliable source of energy to drive the massive industries in the United States and mitigate the impacts of global warming. Those who belong to this school of thought argue that despite the fact that natural gas is much cleaner as compared to fossil fuels, it is not as clean to enable it contribute significantly in the fight against climate change. Decreasing the prevalence of climate change cannot effectively be done using natural gas, as the opponents would want us to believe. This is farther from the truth, as the fight against climate change cannot be won through one major initiative but through well-calculated policies, which significantly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Natural Gas/Methane
The remaining 10% is shared between other heavier hydrocarbons: ethane, propane and butane. During its extraction, propane and butane gases are removed from the natural gas to form Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). LPG is distributed to those regions where natural gas distribution through pipelines is not possible, due to economic reasons.
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An arguement for the use of Natural Gas as a replacement for Fossil Fuels
In a world which is largely powered by coal and petroleum, the Energy Information Administration believes that there will be an increase of natural gas production to 28 trillion cubic feet per year as the price of crude oil increases (Loveless, 2012). There are several reasons for this move and there are a number of benefits that the United States can obtain from a proposed dependency on natural gas.
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Natural gas
Technically, it is a mixture of various alkanes’ hydrocarbons primarily of saturated light paraffins such as methane and ethane, both of which are gaseous under atmospheric conditions. The mixture also may contain other heaver hydrocarbons, such as propane, butane, pentane, and hexane and few other gases such as nitrogen, carbon monoxide carbon dioxide etc.
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Natural Gas in Automotive Engines
Combustion/Expansion: The mixture is burnt, almost invariably adeflagration, although a few systems involvedetonation. The hot mixture is expanded, pressing on and moving parts of the engine and performing useful work. The main idea behind a gasoline car engine is of convertinggasolineinto motion so that car can move.
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The Issues on Rising Gas Prices
The author of the text argues that gas prices should have a maximum limit since gas is an essential item in today’s society. To be more precise, according to the Department of Energy, the United States consumes about 20 million barrels of oil products per day and almost half of it is used for motor gasoline.
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Natural Gas: Nominal GDP vs. Real GDP
From this explanation, we can conclude that products in the international market must be valued in reference with international currencies. In relation with the discussion by Zhou in 2011 concerning the drop in natural gas
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Natural gas
The value of natural gas as an energy was first recognized in China about 900 BC. In 211 BC, Chinese drilled the first known natural gas well.
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Natural gas
Natural gas neither has odor nor color and yields a lot of energy when burned, which makes it a good source of energy for all sorts of domestic and industrial purposes. However, natural gas is not renewable since it is a fossil fuel. The International Energy Agency
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Natural gas & Geothermal energy
Natural gas depicts a fossil fuel, which formation occurs because of the pressure and intense heat of the buried gases, plants and animals. Plants gain energy from the sun, which is stored
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Natural Gas Boiler Plant
The steam and water section was the first to be undertaken. This aimed at determining the flow rate of steam, moisture content of steam, steam enthalpy, feed water enthalpy, pressure of feed water and temperature of feed water. Different tests at
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