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Anking Concept of Education - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Banking Concept of Education Introduction The philosophy of banking in education by Freire is an important aspect of teaching and learning in a classroom situation. However, I find the philosophy of “problem-posing” to be more significant when attracting the attention of students and maintaining their concentration ability in class…
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Anking Concept of Education
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"Anking Concept of Education"

Download file to see previous pages When there is no conversation in a class, negative contestation and arguments may arise. Thus the conversation is a mind opener. Instead of permitting a traditional classroom with the lecture method of teaching, teachers should try out the problem posing technique to enhance learning. Problem posing starts where a teacher listens to students’ issues, then based on what she heard, she can select and put forward a well-known situation back to the students in codified forms such as written dialogues, drawings, stories, or even photographs. Each situation has social and personal conflicts that are emotionally charged for the learners. A teacher can present a sequence of inductive questions so that she can move the discussion of that specific situation from the real to a more analytic level (Freire 30). The teacher can use this method by directing learners to outline the problem, understand how the issue applies to them or affect their lives, determine the root of the issue, generalize to the other students, and ultimately give opinions on how to solve the problem. An example to show the discussion above can be drawn from my own educational experience in high school. I can recall how my life during this time was like. My mother owned one of the biggest and popular beauty salon in my community. Every Sunday of the week was a day for my English teacher to come and style her hair in my mother’s salon. Just like any adolescent can do, I used to have conversations with my mother about careers and teaching was one of the careers we discussed most. I remember having told her on several occasions that I could not think of being a teacher at any point in life. My conscience was never wrong when I thought my English teacher and my mom used to discuss much about my progress. It was during these conversations that mom told Mrs Midiwo that I really hate the teaching profession. What I dint know was that Mrs Midiwo was building knowledge about me and that one day she would raise a discussion about the topic. It was that chilly Monday morning and my mother had told me the last night that they talked about my lack of interest in the teaching profession. I learned that my mother really wanted me to pursue the course in future and she had convinced Mrs. Midiwo to address the issue in the best way possible so that I could develop a bit of interest in the profession. There comes Mrs Midiwo and she introduces a topic about the rate of unemployment in the country. This was a situation that was familiar to most of my colleagues. After asking as to name some of the professions we knew, she asked as to meditate on the number of jobless people we had seen around. The teacher then asked, “Why do you think people get hardships in finding jobs?” After we stated our opinions, she directed the question to me by asking, “what kind of job do you hate most, and why?” I was already confused on what to say because I remembered that she knew my thoughts about the topic through my mother, and I had to be honest enough to shout; “teaching.” I have never felt so guilty but I was glad that she was so friendly and dint mean to imply anything. Even though my friends laughed, she seemed happy to have gotten a honest answer from me and this is what led way for the discussion. She encouraged us by mentioning some of the advantages of the teaching ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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