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The book Marriage Morals by Bertrand Russell - Essay Example

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Instructor Course Submission date The book Marriage Morals by Bertrand Russell This essay seeks to analyze issues discussed in family research council and compare or contrast them with Bertrand Russell perceptions in his novel “Marriage Morals”…
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The book Marriage Morals by Bertrand Russell
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Download file to see previous pages It contests and lobbies against LGBT rights, divorce, abortion, embryonic stem-cell study and pornography. Marriage and Morals is an old book written by philosopher Bertrand Russell, and that questions the Victorian perceptions of morality concerning marriage and sex (Russell 2). Contrast issues The Liberation of Women: chapter seven of the book advocates for women liberty; however, the approaches contrasts the morals the title claim. The chapter claims that the sex education provided by many books is insufficient to curb immorality. The only fixation that will suffice is to eliminate from young women all chances of being by themselves with men: girls must be prohibited to make their living by work outside the residence; they should never be permitted an outing unless in a company of their mother or an aunt; the unfortunate practice of going to boogies without a chaperon ought to be sternly stamped out. The book suggest that to avoid immorality of unmarried women there should be a monthly medical checkup carried out by police doctors and these doctors preferably castrated, and non-virgins to be sent to penitentiary(Russell 82). The chapter continue to suggest that the use of contraceptives and talking to unmarried women to be prohibited. The author asserts that if this is carried out for several years then the tide of immorality will be curbed. The concept is comparable with FRC effort to make women free from oppression; however, the approach differs. FRC has processes to encourage women freedom in a more humane manner as contrasted to suggestion that the book provides. It supports a federal ethics clause, permitting medical employees to refuse to give certain treatments to their clients, such as procurement of abortion, blood transfusion or birth control. It also supports for abstinence- and encourages sex education, intelligent design and entreaty in public schools, and the control of pornography and other "obscene, profane, indecent, or program on broadcast and cable television (Stange 510). In both cases, there is advocacy for restriction; however, the approaches differ. The book suggestions are not liberty related they are a different form of oppression of women in pretext of curbing immorality. The book gives a presumption that immorality can be controlled through restriction of women activities. Sex Morality: Chapter 8 of the book discuses the taboo on sex knowledge, it claims that frank pornography would do less damage if it were open and unashamed than it does when it is rendered interesting by secrecy and stealth(Russell 89). This is contrary to FRC stand on pornography since it is against it and advocates for the control of pornography and other indecent, obscene, profane, or program on broadcast and cable television. The book argues that the taboo against nudity is an obstruction to a decent approach on the topic of sex. It proposes that it is in order for children to observe each other and their parents nude when it so happens naturally. There will be a short time, most likely at about three years of age, when the youngster is fascinated in the dissimilarity between the mother and the father, and compares them with the variances between themselves and other siblings, but this stage is soon ended, and subsequent to this they take no more interest in nakedness than in clothes. This is a contrasting fact with FRC stands that condemns any form of obscenity (Stange 510). The book considered homosexuality to be immoral when it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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