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Cause and effects of alcohol Alcohol forms part of the culture of many people in different parts of the world. People often drink alcohol for the love of it, to relax as well as to socialize with others. Some people often consume alcohol for merry making. However, the major challenge is attempting to create a fine balance between the alcohol consumption patterns of people and the health risks that are often associated with alcohol abuse or excessive drinking…
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Cause and effects of Alcohol
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Cause and effects of alcohol Alcohol forms part of the culture of many people in different parts of the world. People often drink alcohol for the love of it, to relax as well as to socialize with others. Some people often consume alcohol for merry making. However, the major challenge is attempting to create a fine balance between the alcohol consumption patterns of people and the health risks that are often associated with alcohol abuse or excessive drinking. As such, this paper discusses the cause and effects of alcohol. If consumed to excess, alcohol can cause negative impacts on the welfare of people. The Drug and Alcohol Services in South Australia posit to the effect that “in 2010, 81% of the South Australian population over the age of 14 years reported that they had consumed at least one standard drink in the previous 12 months. The annual cost to the Australian community of alcohol-related social problems is estimated to be $15.3 billion.” This problem is also widespread across different parts of the globe. The statistics show a gloomy picture and this is the reason why concerted efforts ought to be made by all concerned individuals in order to address this problem. There are different causes that make people drink alcohol in different parts of the globe. Some of these factors are culture bound and people often drink alcohol when they are performing social functions such as parties and other celebrations. The other factor that causes people to drink alcohol is that they will be trying to deal with social issues such as frustration and boredom. Some people drink alcohol simply for the love of it as well as to relax after performing hard work. People find it easier to interact with others under the influence of alcohol. It can also be seen that in some cases, people drink alcohol as a result of genetic factors. For instance, the parents are alcoholics, their children are likely to drink alcohol as well. Whilst there are different causes for people to drink alcohol, it can be observed that this practice has negative effects if alcohol is consumed to excess. According to Dryden-Edwards, “Alcoholism is a destructive pattern of alcohol use that includes a number of symptoms, including tolerance to or withdrawal from the substance, using more alcohol and/or for a longer time than planned, and trouble reducing its use.” Some people often become alcoholic and they encounter various problems that can make it difficult for them to quit or to limit the intake of alcohol at any given moment. The other effect is that if consumed to excess, alcohol can lead to undesirable consequences. For instance, there are high chances that people who drive under the influence of alcohol are often involved in fatal crashes that often lead to loss of life. The operation of machinery or driving under the influence of alcohol is not advisable since it can lead to unprecedented loss of life. Excessive consumption of alcohol can also cause health problems among different individuals. According to Marks Jay, “The most common diseases associated with liver cancer are chronic viral hepatitis, alcoholism, and cirrhosis (scarring of the liver). Moreover, chronic viral hepatitis is common in alcoholism, and both viral hepatitis and alcoholism cause cirrhosis which usually precedes the development of cancer.” Research has shown that people who suffer from liver cirrhosis stand higher chances of dying since this disease is incurable. The other problem associated with excessive consumption of alcohol is related to social problems such as domestic violence among families. This negatively impacts on the welfare of the children who may find it hard to fit in their respective societies as a result of the unpleasant living conditions they would be exposed to. Basically, alcohol is consumed for different purposes by people who may want to relax or simply to celebrate important occasions in their lives. Alcohol consumption is part of the culture of people in different places across the globe. However, the major problem related to alcohol arises when it is consumed to excess. It can negatively impact on the health of the people who tend to abuse it. Alcohol can also lead to social problems such as domestic violence and in some cases, it can lead to loss of life if people tend to drive under its influence. As such concerted measures should be taken by all responsible people in order to ensure that negative impacts are not witnessed after people have consumed alcohol. Works cited Drug and Alcohol Services. “Alcohol and its effects.” .18 June 2012. Web. 29 October, 2013. Dryden-Edwards Roxanne. “Alcoholism and alcohol abuse.” 2013 Web. 29 October, 2013. Marks Jay, W. “The Relationship of Chronic Viral Hepatitis, Alcoholism, and Cirrhosis to Liver Cancer.” . 11 January 2006. Web. 29 October, 2013. Read More
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