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Alcohol Effect on the Human Liver - Research Paper Example

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This essay analyzes the effects of alcohol on the human organism. It has immense effects on the human liver. It is linked with the two chief diseases hepatitis and cirrhosis. Both of this two conditions manifest, when an individual heavily alcoholic beverages or even takes them in modest amounts…
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Alcohol Effect on the Human Liver
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Extract of sample "Alcohol Effect on the Human Liver"

Download file to see previous pages The liver has often proven to possess the capability of regenerating itself, but the effects of alcohol eventually overpower and wear it down, resulting in Damages are difficult to reverse. The alcohol consumption has several immediate and some durable effects. Although it is true that moderate drinking is beneficial to an individual’s health, such as reduce the risk of heart problems, too much consumption of alcohol can be detrimental to an individual’s health. Alcoholism is probably the most prevalent drug abuse in the US currently. In 1995, research by the American Bureau of statistics exhibited that 67% of all population over the age of 12 admitted having drunk beers within the previous year. Surprisingly almost fifty percent of them admitted to having drunk alcohol beverages within the past month. It has been implied that the reason for the rise of alcohol users, is that the beverage is pleasant, relaxing and is regarded as a social beverage by many. Consuming of alcohol beverages occasionally may not have serious damage, however, drinking alcohol in excess can seriously destroy a person’s liver, resulting to conditions that are dangerous and potentially fatal.
When an individual takes alcohol, the person feels euphoric in that the individual experiences a rush in the body that causes them to be happy (Black, 2010). This effect of alcohol on the human body makes alcohol a popular drink among individuals in the society. The use of alcohol has long-term effects on a person’s health and one of the most affected organs in the body is the liver. The liver has a critical function in the body’s metabolism in that it processes the food that we take in the digestive system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alcohol Effect on the Human Liver Research Paper.
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